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Avon Skin so Soft Original dry oil spray

“Avon's No.1 bestseller. 5 sold every minute.”

Our skin is vital, it helps the body regulate temperature and offer us protection from the effects of the elements. In today’s world the pressure on our skin has never been greater. In addition to giving the appearance of younger and softer skin, it has been found by many, that Avon Skin so Soft Original dry oil spray is also effective in repelling insect attacks.

Used by celebrates, beauty professionals and consumers alike, Avon Skin so Soft Original dry oil spray has a reputation which few other products can rival.

Using the power of Jojoba Oil is not just a label, Jojoba it is packed with almost all of the vitamins and minerals essentially needed for healthy hair and skin, namely, vitamin E, B-complex, copper, zinc, selenium, iodine, and chromium.

With its gentile nature it can normally be used by people who suffering with sensitive skin without fear of a reaction. The Avon Skin so Soft Original dry oil spray comes in a handy spray format which leaves the skin touch dry while locking in moisture. This combination means not only is you skin soft to the touch, but it protected with long lasting moisture and is ideal for normal as well as dry skin types.

With thousands of positive reviews worldwide makes Avon Skin so Soft Original dry oil spray your ideal daily beauty companion.

“We were recommended to take some of this on holiday to Mexico in Jan 2015, it really did the job!! I wish I had taken it to Cuba the year before as I was bitten to death!!

Great product - Great Company - Delivered On time”

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Also amazing as an insect repellent

Anyone who suffers with insect bites will tell you how much of an issue it is. Not only are you constantly batting the bugs away, but when they bite at best is sore and if you are allergic it can be a lot more serious. With Avon Skin So Soft being so popular, these prices can’t stay as low as they are for so long.

Buy today before you give that mosquito its next meal.