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Category Archive for The basics of Avon

Avon recruitment day in Trowbridge

Posted: 10/8/12 Categories: The basics of Avon

Avon were raising awareness for the Avon breast cancer crusade in the Shires Shopping center in October.  We were also sharing the Avon earnings opportunity with dozens of people on the day too. Avon Breast cancer awreness day What a lovely day we had sharing the amazing Avon opportunities with the people of Trowbridge.  The Shires […]

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Avon earnings

How much do Avon representatives earn? Avon earnings chart One of the most popular questions we get asked is “How much can I earn with Avon?” Below you can find a simple chart that will answer that exact question for you. 5 simple rules to increase Avon Representative Earnings 1. Make sure you join the right team!, You are […]

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Avon Jobs at Yeovil car boot

Posted: 08/25/12 Categories: Events, Newsflash, The basics of Avon

Yeovil car boot every Sunday is the best there is! Avon car boot sale I have loads of clothes and bits and bobs including some kids toys and mobile phones for sale.  But I am also taking with me to the Yeovil car boot some Avon Challenge packs! The Avon Challenge pack includes: The Avon Challenge explained […]

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Avon cosmetics party night in Bournemouth

Posted: 08/11/12 Categories: Events, Supported Charities, The basics of Avon

Yes, that’s right, Avon cosmetics are partying in Bournemouth! Topless and bottomless waiters party night in Bournemouth with Avon cosmetics It was a night not to be forgotten too quickly. With topless and bottomless waiters the night started with a definite air of excitement! I have to appologise for the “Blur” on this image, it was the best I could do with […]

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Avon News Flash…New Senior Regional Managers in the UK

Posted: 07/13/12 Categories: Newsflash, The basics of Avon

Region change message from Angela Tucker Avon restructure of UK Senior Regional Managers Dear all, As you may know, we have been reviewing our global and UK business over the last nine months to ensure that we have the right structures in place to build a strong foundation for growth. I have taken the opportunity to review […]

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Motivational Quotes and child hood hereos

Posted: 07/9/12 Categories: The basics of Avon

I just love being inspired by successful and motivational people Inspiration can come from the most unlikeliest of people and places Including the BIG GREEN MAN himself, the Incredible Hulk Childhood heroes and heroins Growing up was an amazing experience for me personally, with a very close knit family who lived on one another’s doorsteps. I had 4 Aunties and my […]

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Avon car wrap and text

Posted: 07/2/12 Categories: Team GBR Achievements, The basics of Avon

Having your car wrapped or sign written is a crucial part of your branding Having been in the Avon business since 2002 I have found out just how important it is to have your vehicle as a rolling advertisement. I have also had many cars through my years in my Avon business and some of my […]

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April 2012 Avon MLM earnings

Posted: 05/11/12 Categories: The basics of Avon

Campaign 7 2012 Avon MLM Income Yes, that’s right a huge income from a Huge Direct Selling cosmetics company! I bet you had no idea you could earn this much money with the Global Beauty Leader in Cosmetics did you?.. Well you can, and if you would like to see how we do it and keep doing […]

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Avon and Dorothy Perkins

Posted: 03/28/12 Categories: Newsflash, The basics of Avon

JUST FOR AVON REPRESENTATIVES Avon Representatives don’t miss out on your 15% DOROTHY PERKINS discount! Avon and Dorothy Perkins have got together to offer this amazing discount.  Avon representatives (Established and new) will all be entitled to their very own discount card to use in any Dorothy Perkins Sore and on-line. All you need to […]

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Avon 100% Money Back Guarantee

Posted: 03/20/12 Categories: Avon Products and Party Plan, The basics of Avon

Avon 100% Money Back Guarantee   Avon’s main sales tool is the Avon brochure. It offers a wide and contemporary selection of beauty and related products at affordable prices. The Avon Representative shows the Avon brochure to customers in their homes, at work, at social or leisure activities or to their friends and family. They […]

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