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BAR Forms

Why Use this page for your BAR links?

First, note... this page is for Sales leaders and Coordinators. If you are looking to start team building, call your upline for information.

It is quicker than logging in to your Avon, then Connects, then your personal page and then your BAR. Plus you get to leave your new representative on the www.gailsreps.co.uk/newrep page,  as  a starting point for help.

First, go ahead and teach your Representative how to start Avon, how to use the brochures, order forms and Black calling book. Where to go, MOV HOV, order dates and Invoice. Now say we have a form to fill in, it's online, may we use your computer?

Then, take them to www.gailsreps.co.uk, click on the BAR FORMS link find yours and have the New Rep complete the BAR. You then complete step 2 of the BAR by 'Appointing' them, finally have them complete step 3 the 'Register your business'

Take them through to their Avon office, show them the basics - their name and their target order day. Teach the ONLINE STORE with how to post to Facebook, show the Avon training room, and finish on Place an Order, adding in the Tools of the Trade product codes.

Now, closing down the True Avon web page and going back to the still open window www.gailsreps.co.uk/bar-forms, click the NEW REP Page link & say "To help you not forget any of today's training we have this web page that you must save/bookmark or save to home screen. It takes you through your Avon training step by step and has an amazing "ask us a question" facility, maybe "how do I find customers or how do I return products you use the Search Gailsreps box here. Also here, on the right is the link for you to get to your True Avon login page.

SUMMARY Bookmark the www.gailsreps.co.uk/newtoavon page. Show them the ask-us-a-question/search box. Show them the Avon Login link widget link.

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