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Independent Avon Representative

First join Avon as a self employed Independent Avon Representative and sell Avon products to customers.

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Coordinator Level

Start your Advanced Leadership journey at Coordinator Level. Show others how to start Avon.

Earnings up to £2.5K per year*

Leader Level

On progression to Leader level you will develop your team coaching to the skills they need to create & build their own businesses.

Earnings up to £30K per year*

Executive Leader Level

Aimed at entrepreneurs looking to manage and develop a large network. You will identify and mentor talent much like yourself

Earnings up to £500K per year*
Avon Fast Start Programme

An amazing bonus plan has started for 2016.  Up to £12,000 in bonuses alone can be achieved!

Full details are here just a click away.

Imagine earning £225 for your first 3 Representatives you bring into your business.  With this on offer why wouldn't you want to take part in the new exciting Sales Leadership Bonus Programme?

It has been designed to help different types of people and their personal positions in their work and home lives.

So, whether you are an at home mom, a single parent or a full time working father that wants to earn an extra income for your family holidays and annual celebrations the Avon Leadership Programme could be the answer for all of you!

Join Avon's Advanced Leadership program with Team GBR and receive Exclusive training materials, guides and Award winning one on one, training, coaching, developing and mentoring.

Becoming successful in any MLM, Direct Selling and Network Marketing business is all about the training, guidance, coaching and development and that is what Brian and I are here to do.

Your exclusive Team GBR training materials include;

    • Membership to our leadership training - This includes a comprehensive folder of files, documents and exclusive training guides as well as training days, videos and team GBR Groups that are exclusive to GailsReps team of Avon Leaders only.
    • New To Leadership Steps 1 - 9 - This is on offer to all that join our network, which means you have to be a part of Gailsreps via any of our sales leaders within Team GBR.  We share with you all our exclusive materials and training, from business skype calls to one on one training.  We hold  A National event a year called the Golden Ticket event.  They are prepared for you to take away some of our top tips, training and materials with guest speakers and amazing incentives and recognition.  You have to be part of the team to come to these fantastic events. DUPLICATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS
    • Team work - This is crucial to your success.  We work as a team, and we set goals, incentives and rewards for those that work their business.  We have exclusive incentives that are set for each individuals needs.  You have to be a part of Team GBR to become part of our award winning team.

How will the process work?

  • We will recruit you as an Independent Avon Representative
  • Once you place your 1st order to Avon and make your 1st payment we will then visit you again to go through the basic training as an Independent Avon Sales Leader
  • We will give you exclusive access to this very website and all the Leadership training materials
  • Lead generation is an important skill that we help you develop from day one of joining our team
  • GailsReps has an Exclusive Training Programme that only our team members will have access to
  • Attraction Marketing, social networking, website building, and FREE advertising are key training skills that we offer one on one
  • Become part of the Number 1 recognised Avon Sales Leadership team in the UK
  • Your training will be as fast or as slow as you choose it to be, you do not have to have any background history in sales, MLM or network marketing (I never did)
  • If you already work, full or part time you can still build an Avon team and Business around other commitments
  • Although you are part of the GailsReps team, you will be running your very own business and we will prepare you with our systems for order management appointments and retention
  • You will have the ability to earn up to £16,000.00 in Avon Bonuses and commissions in your 1st year
  • We give our personal incentives and recognition every week and every campaign
  • Join us on our exclusive Team GBR Golden Ticket Training Events twice a year


Love AVON, Sell AVON

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Work from home, be your own boss and earn money on your own terms.


What does it cost me to become an Avon Leader?

The registration fee to become an Avon Leader is just £35, which is deducted from your Avon Representative earnings. GailsReps also supplies our very EXCLUSIVE training materials here from this very website for you to begin your recruiting business from the day you start.  All you need is your email address and to create a password then you will have access to everything.

But wait there's more...you'll also have access to:

  • A dedicated website - full of information, beauty, news stories, the latest product information, top selling tips and lots of other great ideas to help you build your business.
  • Exclusive access to preview brand new products, including those that are not yet launched to customers - available to you at a discount!
  • Visit the "online Avon community" Avon Connects, where you can chat to other top Representatives and Leaders, hear their news and views and make new friends.
  • Exciting Representative and Leadership Insight magazines featuring product and Leadership  news, plus the latest inspirational Avon Leaders stories.
  • Tailored sales support materials including specials on the season's hottest looks!
  • In 2011 Avon launched the PRP Personal Representative Page where Independent Avon Leaders have access to a unique URL to help advertise their Avon Leadership business.
  • There are no papers to sign when you recruit your team of Avon Representatives, everything is done online and at the touch of a button you can access your team any time any place anywhere .

As an Avon Sales Leader on our team you are recruited as an AVON Representative & given basic training.

Then we will train you on building your own team of Avon Representatives. Your Leadership business growth is based on generating, meeting & recruiting people that want to earn extra money with AVON. We help you to recruit AVON wo/men online via video calls or in the new Representatives homes.  This takes from 10 to 45 minutes of your time and theirs.

Recruit your team members from the comfort of your own home with video calls!  So long as the new Representative can show you Photo ID with their date of birth you can recruit them via video link up.  So; Skype - FaceBook messenger - Viber - Snapchat...The list is endless!

You will have all the materials you need to get each of your Avon Representatives on your team started from the person that recruited you (your upline) or even us if you join our team today. You are then taught how to guide & train your team with recruiting and team building. You teach new Avon Representatives on your team all you know as an Avon Representative & you will then help them with the simple Avon process. You will earn a lifelong commission from all your teams orders. Your Business Pack costs £35.00 & this will come of what you earn & is NOT a cash outlay. Avon Leadership pays you 18 times a year so why not give it a go today!

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To join Avon you need to be over the age of 18 and have Photo I.D.  No other experience necessary. You must be self motivated and able to work on your own initiative.