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Written by Brian on October 22, 2021

Ordering TIPS

Avon have modernised and changed a lot in the past year or so.  Monthly not 3 weekly.  Order any day not wait for the special day!  And we used to be able to order from last campaign brochure as well as this, that meant we could find the best price for our customers to save them money or earn us a little extra.

Here is how to achieve still achieve those benefits in the new monthly campaigns.

The New way to BACK ORDER with Avon.

Juggling 2 months of brochures to earn more £££ for you.

On the 1st of the month order next month’s brochures, this also gets you this month’s bonus brochure.

On Week 2 they arrive and start using next month’s brochure with this month’s bonus brochure. (Separate order form in each)

Week 3 start collecting in your orders, place orders for this month’s bonus brochure, but still getting both out for more orders in.

Week 4, you now have all your orders from NEXT months brochure with a choice now to…
1. Check this month’s brochure for price differences V next months.
2. Items that are cheaper this month, order now.
3. Items that are better ordered next month – do so on Day 1 – along with NEXT months brochures again to repeat.

You cannot order in the new month with any old orders, - so working ahead rather than behind is much better.
You can order on any day, but still wait till you have an amount worth ordering and use your FREE delivery allowances.

Written by Brian on November 10, 2020

Welcome to GailsReps

And congratulations on Joining Avon and starting your new Avon business.

Here at GailsReps we want to show you the Digital Brochure, how you get it and how to share it to help you gain BIG sales and therefore a a BIG income from today.

The Digital Brochure.

Looks like this on a phone

Digital brochure

Looks like this on a computer

Digital brochure

You will see on the computer image there is a web link for the brochure. Its that link you will be sharing in emails, texts, messaging and over social media. We will show you how...

On your phone, go to your App Store.

Search and Download "Avon On"

Select the market as "United Kingdom" and Log in with your Avon account number / password. This is what you will see


You can use this app to "Place an Order" into your usual Rep account area, but lets continue with learning how to share the digital brochure - click the MENU top left. You will see this


Click the "Dashboard" option - and you see this screen...


You can now see the link Avon have provided and change the last word to be personal to you.  Consider using a word that associates you, such as Leanna was using Avon Butterflies as her facebook name so she used "avonbutterflies".

You can also switch off REP DELIVERY.  This means you can share the brochure far and wide and not have to deliver.  The Digital Brochure will take the order, take their payment and deliver the order.  Avon will pay you the commission into your rep balance area.

Tip. I use bitly.com to shorten mine for ease and eye appeal, like this https://bit.ly/Avon--Brochure

Your customers will browse it, shop, and when they go to the check out they have the option to send their order to you, or pay and have Avon deliver.

So share it to everyone, or place it in adverts, those that know you will ask if you will deliver, and those that don't will select Direct Delivery from Avon anyway. The money you earn from sharing your digital brochure goes into your Representative account and if that account is now in credit, meaning Avon owe you, they will pay it into your bank account weekly.

You can also switch off REP DELIVERY.  This means you can share the brochure far and wide and not have to deliver.  The Digital Brochure will take the order, take their payment and deliver the order.  Avon will pay you the commission into your rep balance area.

Tip. Avon have a way to help you share your brochure on social media, a guide is in the Avon On App and it works from the Avon On app too. It is very clever as it will design and schedule your posts for the week into facebook + twitter etc saving you a lot of time. Its the best way to be sharing your link to hundreds and thousands of people.

Digital Brochure training

Did you know, as well as the Digital Brochure, you do have an online store you can share, see Opening My Avon Store - (gailsreps.co.uk)  I don't want to complicate things for you, its just another tool you can use, but you don't have to 🙂

Avon have a Digital training guide too  https://bit.ly/DigitalToolsGuideAvon

Lastly, No rush, but soon - log in to your rep area, see your profile and look for the Bank Account area.  Pop in your bank account because  Avon will pay you what they owe you weekly.

We wish you luck with your brand new Avon business and if you would like to ask any questions about 'My Avon Digital Brochure' feel free to comment below.

Changing lives and exceeding expectations

GailsReps are always Changing lives and exceeding expectations





Written by Gail Reynolds on May 7, 2020

Time to make your Mobile Phone work for you!

Mobile phones

It will take you less time to watch this than to make a cup of coffee!

Avon’s 100% Online Business is waiting for you

Want more on how to make your Mobile Phone work for you?

Use my 5 Steps below to gain access to your complete success!

1. Login to your avon account via https://uk.avon.social/login
2. Watch your Getting Started Guide (3 Minutes) 


 3. Getting Started Webinar (10 Minutes) 


4. Connecting the Facebook Group App on Mobile - - (based on iPhone but similar process for Android)


5. Need Support? – e-mail support@Avon.social


Avon Social Hub is your way to a successful 100% online business with Avon.  

2020 is the time of world change.  When I realised this I knew our family run business had something to offer those that needed to change with the world.

Ask me how to join our family run business by clicking my image below

Believing in your beautiful future gail reynolds

Avon Est 1889


Written by Gail on August 8, 2019

Welcome to our This is Avon Meetings for 2019

This is Avon

All our 'This is Avon' meetings are held by Representatives and Leaders of Avon, we are there to share our journey, our tips, our ideas and above all our encouragement for you to succeed and begin an amazing Avon business of your own.

Anyone is welcome to come along, listen, ask questions and start their own Avon business too.

There is no pressure and lots of fun to be had!

Find out what went on at our latest This is Avon Meetings August 2019

Pop along, learn more about our business opportunities, check out our latest products. 

These Avon meetings are free for anyone to attend so why not invest your time in a This is Avon meeting today?

Meet Brenda Clarke... Her journey with Avon so far is remarkable

To become a part of Brenda's team simply find here here on Facebook 

After Brenda's story we heard of Dawn Fazackerley....

Dawn shares with us how her team has sold more than £15,000.00 since applying her simple strategy of turning 20 Avon Brochures into £2800.00 worth of sales.

Here Dawn shares how she and her team are doing it!

If you like what Dawn has to offer then simply click here to find her on Facebook

To find out more about This is Avon Meetings and how you could join Avon today simply get in touch by clicking here

join avon with us at gailsreps.co.uk


Written by Gail on February 28, 2019

The reality of a passive income

I would really like to personally congratulate all of Team GBR for persevering and continuing to have faith that all will 'come good' in the end. You have made me very very proud and humbled to your tenacity and courage to keep building and braving the storm.
 The passive income reality
There is another reason I wanted to share with you today and that is the results of C4 League tables.
Passive income
Firstly I wanted to say
CONGRATULATIONS TO Jane Philpott and Howard Philpott for their continued success and growth in their businesses.  Rocking in at Number 7 as one of the highest paid in the UK is outstanding!
 Howard and Jane Philpott Avon in Cardiff and Newport
And to Brian Reynolds (not only my other half, but my partner in crime and in business) for being there for all of you and myself, when we all needed the support and guidance and motivation to keep going and working through the tough times.
Another HUGE THANK YOU and congratulations once again to Team GBR because without you we wouldn't still be ranking in at the 2nd highest paid Avon Sales Leaders in the UK!
It's a huge victory and I wanted you all to feel proud of what you have enabled us to achieve.  Today,  when I looked at the above tables, I not only realised just how far that 1st goal I set and achieved has got me, but also, how my LIFE LONG DREAM of retiring aged 50 (I am only 47) has become a reality.
Also, these results today made me realise one of my personal LIFE LONG DREAMS had actually become a reality.
When I joined Avon back in 2002 it was only EVER to meet new people and make lots of new friends. I wanted to quit my job and be at home with my kids and I needed to earn £100 a week to pay the basic bills of gas, electric and food. I did it in 5 months!

Team GBR in 2011 

Team GBR

Team GBR

 Dreaming and realising a PASSIVE INCOME

At such a young age (me aged 47 and Brian 48) has really and truly become our reality.

We won't ever forget the long hours, the missed school plays, and the knock backs we've had to endure, but equally we will never ever forget the victories, the achievements and the beautiful memories and friends we have made along the way.
Being able to sit back and now watch some of your victories and your courage and strength is an absolute honour.
I want to thank you all for helping me realise my dream and allowing me to be a part of your journeys too.


Friends first

Avon second

We love you all!
p.s. Here's to the next PASSIVE INCOME achiever within Team GBR....
Who will it be?

Written by Gail on March 4, 2018

Gail Reynolds the £6 Million mum shares why you should Join Avon and why it should be at the top of your "To Do List" this year!

Joining Avon changed my life completely

Watching this 4 Minute video maybe the best 4 minutes you've spent today!  I know the best 5 words I ever read (IN MY LIFE) was in May 2002 in a FREE local Paper that came through my door every thursday.  I opened up the Jobs Vacant section and went to the Business Opportunities - Full and Part time.  That is where I read;



In 4 minutes I can explain why Joining avoin is the best decision you will make this year.  Watch and listen to my open and honest experience in my video above and make your own mind up.  

"Avon is a beautiful brand.  When I joined Avon it enabled me to meet amazing people and the diversity of the company means everyone can do it too!

Avon's dynamic products, and the opportunity is another reason why I love Avon.  Avon has developed me as a person, it's allowed me to be at home with my kids and meet new people. 

i just love being around

Joining Avon actually changes lives, and it has been an amazing journey that I would recommend anyone to try.  Traveling the world, a beautiful home, and a dream lifestyle are just some of the things I have achieved since Joining Avon in 2002.  








There are so many opportunities with Avon now because the choices we offer can be tailored around the individual that wants to Join Avon.

Anyone, no matter what your abilities and circumstances are can Join Avon."  

join avon with us at gailsreps.co.uk

Written by Gail on February 28, 2018

Earning money with your online Avon Customer list is so easy you'll wish you had thought of it earlier!

I am going to show you how to copy your list from your Avon website into a simple Excel spreadsheet.  And from that spreadsheet you can contact your customers whenever you like!

Share your amazing Avon Online store with your customers

Obviously one of the main reasons to contact your Avon customers is to share the fabulous offers Avon have, but there is so much more you can do for your customers!  One of my top tips is to imagine YOU were your very own customer.  What would put you OFF opening up an email from you and what would keep you excited and interested?  More importantly ask yourself what would make me want to spend my money in your online shop?

  • Simply stay in touch
  • Thank your customers for their loyal custom
  • Share amazing deals and offers
  • Remind them of the 100% money back guarantee
  • Share the FREE DELIVERY on orders over £30 

To create a good relationship with your customers you must NOT just sell sell sell!  Don't forget YOU need to see yourself as the customer too so have some fun with your customers.

Entertain your Avon customers


Avon make up lipstick quote

Try to be informative and caring aswel as sharing how amazing the Avon store is this month!

So, let's go get your customer list and start using it every campaign.

  1. Login to your Avon account and click 
  2. In the drop down list click My Customers
  3. On the bottom right corner click See All
  4. Copy and then paste all of your customers into a brand new excel spreadsheet
  5. You will only need their Name - Email - Phone Number so you can delete the rest

Now you will have your very own customer list to send your personal emails too and be on the road to doubling your money!

Remember your Avon online store has some beautiful images and offers as well as videos that you can copy into your personalized emails.  Use them and make your emails beautiful and informative.  

Good luck and I hope you enjoy building your income aswel as your relationships with your Online Avon Customers x

Gail Reynold


Written by Gail on February 27, 2018

Yes, that's right you heard it here first. . .

Avon online store only Representatives can now set up their business purely online!

In just 4 easy steps you can set up your store to accept online Direct Delivery customers only.  Which means exactly what it says on the tin! 

You can Join Avon today and within minutes have your own FREE Avon online store up and running.  It has never been easier to Join Avon and literally WORK FROM HOME in your PJ's every day if you want!

The Benefits of becoming an Avon Online Store Representative


  • Knocking doors
  • Delivering in the rain
  • Organising dates and times for deliveries
  • Bagging up orders
  • Dealing with returns

Honestly, it has never ever been easier to Join Avon and become and Avon Onlines Store Representative only!

So once you have Joined Avon with us here at GailsReps you will also be invited into our Exclusive FB Groups where over 2500 Avon Representatives will share with you how they are making the most of selling from their Avon online store and working from home.  Exclusive videos from myself on how I sell over £1000 a week and earn £200 from my sales by simply sharing my Avon online store everyday online and on social media platforms.  Take a look at one of my recent blogs on How I use FB to share my Avon online store .

If you are already an Avon Representative and you don't need to Join Avon then here are the simple 4 steps to make sure you only ever recieve Direct Delivery orders from all your customers and allowing you to totally work from home and never have to deliver products again!

Avon online store only Representatives

Step 1  

Login to your Avon account and click this image

manage my Avon online store

Step 2

You will see this Grey box to the left of your page (under dashboard) 

Click Update Store Setting and Profile at the top of this list

manage my Avon online store

Step 3

You will see this and you simply need to scroll down to the very bottom of this page

manage your Avon online store

Step 4

Change your Delivery Settings to Offer direct delivery ONLY to your customers and click Save Changes

manage my Avon online store




wow Join avon where working from home really means work from home

Written by Brian on February 22, 2018

Wow... that's all we need to say !

Avon Mark Epic Lipstick adverts are on TV from today .  This lipstick is going to outsell all others.  It looks great it feels great and its sensibly priced at £5.50.  It has the same great quality ingredients as the premium manufacturers but compare that price  - you can save 66% - wow.

A new addition to the mark. makeup range is the Avon mark Epic lipstick.  This lipstick is the only one in the Avon makeup range to have a built-in primer for smooth, even, flawless application and long lasting colour.

With pigment packed shades, the colour you see is the colour you get.  Avon mark Epic lipstick boasts twice the pigmentation of regular lipsticks which provides hours of budge-proof colour in one sweep.  Easy to apply, just one coat provides a beautifully smooth, non-cakey finish.  With a creamy feel the lipstick softens and moisturisers with a balm like feel.

BUY Mark Epic Lipstick here

Epic lipstick is available in twenty two creamy shades –Avon Mark Epic Lipstick

Nudes –  Nude attitude, wink of pink, get cheeky, rosy outlook.

Pinks – Luv U, be loud, pink punch, blushing beauty.

Corals and reds –  Coral burst, red extreme, berry bold, heart breaker.

Mauves and wines –  Extreme mauve, sangria shock, temptress.

Purples and blues – Enchanted, spellbound, blue suede.

Nude browns – Chocolate treat, street style.

Online exclusive shades – Wave runner and grey matters.












Mark Epic Lipstick TV advert

Mark Epic Lipstick with Vlogger Misha Grimes

Its Here, Take a look. 


Avon Mark Epic Lipstick

Written by Gail on January 22, 2018

It all starts with a vision

A feeling, a desire, something that makes you tick and gets you out of bed every morning!

And before you lose that feeling you need to capture it, write it down, say it out loud perhaps for others to hear.  For me I need to capture it in images....

Because every picture tells a story

Taking time out in the beginning of the year to seriously think about what it is I want to achieve is possibly the most important thing I do.  It teaches me to STOP - THINK - CREATE and listen to my inner self.  The feeling you get from writing down what gives you butterflies, what excites and scares you the most and what can you do to MAKE THEM HAPPEN is the most liberating feeling in the world.  

What does a vision board give you?

A buzz that will keep you going in the hardest of times of your business.  No If's and But's... Just pure energy when the going gets tough!  That last bit of hope and determination when you need it most!  

How to create your vision board

The first thing you need to think about is YOU!

What do you 'Dream' off?

  • A holiday
  • A car
  • Your own home
  • A new kitchen
  • Savings
  • Getting fit

What do you need?

  • Kids school uniforms
  • A modern new wardrobe
  • A brand new carpet
  • A new computer
  • More family time

What would you like to change?

  • My job
  • Income
  • Future
  • My families lives
  • Life style

These are just simple ideas to get you thinking about who you are and what you truly desire in life.  Basically WHAT will make you happy and HOW can you put that into an image?

Here are all my desires for 2018

Everything I dream of and more!

Vision Board 2018

Vision board 2018

Your vision board needs to be in an obvious place, where you will see it every single day.  

I have mine in my office next to my PC.  With a photo of the most precious people in my life - My family.  And not forgetting the Lions head on the wall!  The Lion is a representation of Strength - Courage - Pride and Leadership and obviously being a LEO myself, it best represents me too!  Ask yourself what do you Represent?

vision board and lion head 2018

One year I had my Vision board over my TV in my lounge.  WHY?  Because everytime I sat down and thought 'I'll just watch a bit of TV' I had a great BIG picture frame on the wall reminding me of what was important.  So ask yourself what is important to you, TV or Dreams?


To learn more about what I do and how I do it just simply get in touch.  I am waiting to hear from you x