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Why become an Avon Representative?

It's fun, flexible and easy to become an Avon Representative. Simply share your brochures and online store with friends, family, neighbours, social media platforms and work colleagues. No sales skills, experience or transport is needed & you can choose what hours you do and when!  Avon deliver all your customers order to your door for FREE without you having to pay for them. You then deliver out your customers orders and collect in the money so you can pay yourself and Avon. It's all repeated on a 3 week cycle with most customers expecting and wanting the new brochure every time.  That's 18 pay days a year.  
How much could you earn? If you sold £400 you would earn approximately £100 - that's a 25% earnings! You can earn as much or as you like, the more you do the more you earn.  We can even provide you with a local area for you to find customers too, you are your own boss so you choose.

When you become an Avon Rep with Gailsreps you will be part of our Team GBR’s Avon family. Your Avon Representative role is a simple one, you will be taught by your personal Expert Leader from Gailsreps team how to Find – Serve and Maintain your Avon customers.

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You need to be over the age of 18 have photo I.D such as passport or driving licence as well as a letter with your proof of address. We can have you up and running in 10 minutes via a video call such as FB Messenger, skype, snapchat and other FREE Video call platforms. You must be self motivated and able to work on your own initiative there are NO bosses and it is completely flexible to you.  If you don't have access to photo I.D or video call we can arrange to come and visit you at your home.

After a while you may be loving your Avon just like us, and you can, if you like, earn more and teach others how to join Avon by building your very own team of Avon Representatives.  This is called Leadership and you can earn up to £16'000.00 in bonuses and commissions in your 1st year.


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Sell to family, friends and or work colleagues OR find customers with Avon’s support

Show the Avon Instant Brochure or share your FREE Online Store 

Place your Avon order and deliver them to your customers

Collect payment from your customers. Pay Avon and pay yourself, no bank accounts required

Finding Avon customers

On top of your Instant Avon Brochure you will receive a Free Online Store and website when you join us here at GailsReps.  We will talk you through how and where to find and build a fantastic customer base using the Business kit you chose.   You will also receive our Exclusive 'Gails Golden rules to finding customers' PDF which is packed full of tips and ideas on how to earn money with Avon.

Serving your Avon customers

As an integral part of your initial training when becoming an Avon Representative you will be shown how to serve your Avon customers with a high quality service.

We will teach you the Avon values, ethics and guarantees as well as how to use Avon samples and special offers.  We also pride ourselves as a team to share some of the most powerful selling techniques that you will only receive from Gailsreps team of Leaders.

Maintaining your Avon customers

To maintain your Avon customers you must learn how to gain loyalty from them, and here at Gailsreps we will teach you the art of becoming a reliable and respected Local Avon Representative.

This is the most important part of you becoming an Avon Representative because it is about the future of your sales and earnings potential.  Becoming an Avon Representative is about speaking to people, getting to know them on a personal level and providing a special and unique service.

We Love working with Avon and we are sure you will too !"

Sharing your Avon Online Store.
Online Store orders = More earnings! The more you sell the more you earn and the more people you share your Online Store with the more chance of growing your customer base all over the UK.

  1. By now you will have opened up your Avon online store. If not, simply visit your Avon website here and open your Online Store today! Always think of new ways and places to share your Online Store, and make sure everyone knows you are an Avon representative.
  2. Send your Online Store to your regular door to door customers too. Remind them of the toiletries on offer etc.…they can often run out of shampoos and shower gels in-between placing their order with you on the doorstep.
  3. BECOME MORE SOCIAL ONLINE. Creating a social media following will gain you customers all over the country. This is an amazing way of doubling and even tripling your income, by sitting at home on your PC, iPad and Phone.

Sharing your Avon Online Store
With the below video:

TOP TIP be creative!  Use all the resources Avon have to offer you on your Free Avon Website.  Share your Online Store on Face Book Groups and other social media platforms.  As well as creating your own Facebook Groups and pages for your customers to enjoy and connect.  Become an Avon Representative today with us at GailsReps.