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Avon Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

Multi Level Marketing/Networking is still a very new concept within Avon. The Global company that sells & recruits in over 120 countries, and has just over 4500 sales leaders/networkers in just 6 years of it going live throughout the UK. Although MLM is not a new concept and has been the way to build a residual income for millions of people worldwide, none have yet had the opportunity to be in partnership with such an outstanding company as Avon Cosmetics.To give you a small insight to this amazing company I will tell you a little about its History and growth rate.

At the age of 16 David McConnell had begun selling books door to door. When his fare was not well received, he resorted to the then-popular advertising gimmick of offering a FREE introductory gift in exchange for being allowed to make a sales pitch. A complimentary Vial of perfume, he thought, would be ideal, and he blended the original scent himself, with the aid of a local pharmacist. Fate stepped in. McConnell learned that women adored his perfume & remained indifferent to his books. Thus, he abandoned books & organized the New-York based CALIFORNIA PERFUME COMPANY, named in honor of a friend & investor from California. The door to door approach seemed tailor-made for the cosmetics, particularly in rural areas, where homemakers, in horse and buggy days, had poor access to better stores.

Avon was strictly an America phenomenon, and a unique and pioneering one at that.The first female Avon Lady was Mrs. P.F.E.Albee, a widow from Winchester, New Hampshire. She began her chime-ringing career selling the companies popular LITTLE DOT PERFUME SET, she also recruited other women, training them as door to door sales people too. The company was re-christened Avon for the simple reason that the New York State town in which David McConnell lived. Suffern on the Ramapo, reminded him of Shakespeares STRATFORD-UP-AVON.

By 18-87, David had 12 women employees selling a line of 18 fragrances & the numbers just kept growing & growing. On October 6th 19-39 the California Perfume Company name changed to Avon Products Inc. Today, despite the scores of expensive, prestigious American & foreign brand named cosmetics, Avon ranks 1st in sales nationwide, with Avon ladies ringing doorbells from coast to coast. In 19-89 Avon became the 1st major cosmetics manufacturer to announce a permanent end to animal testing in the safety testing of its products. In 19-92 Avon founded the Breast Cancer Crusade (often now known as PINKPAMPERPARTIES) since this date over £12 Million has been raised for Breast Cancer Charities.

NETWORK MARKETING ONE OF THE THE MOST POWERFUL INCOME STRUCTURES EVER DEVISED. There has NEVER been, in the history of Network Marketing, an opportunity like the one Avon are offering to ambitious or Business minded people to build and run their very own Avon Business throughout the UK. Avon are the Worlds leading Direct Selling Company but couple that with the highly lucrative and powerful Network Marketing income structure it really is a winning formula.

As an Avon Sales Leader you will find, train and support your very own team of Representatives and also other Sales Leaders for extra profits.In fact, the process of Networking or introducing people to Avon is responsible for the companies growth and you will be rewarded accordingly to the effort you put into it.The potential incomes with this opportunity are staggering as Network Marketing throughout the world has produced more millionaires than any other single industry.

David McConnell, founder of Avon in the USA 18-86

  • The first Avon lady was actually a man! He launched Avon calling in 18-86.
  • Avon cosmetics is widely renowned as a very reputable company, with the help of its representatives worldwide it has worked hard to build an outstanding reputation not only for its products & personal service but also for its integrity.
  • Established in the USA by David McConnell in 18-86 Avon is the Leading Direct Seller of beauty & related products.
  • Avon sells in over 120 countries worldwide through more than 5 MILLION independent sales represntatives resulting in turnover of over $10 BILLION in 2008.
  • In the UK alone there are 160000 representatives reaching nearly 8 MILLION customers.
  • The Avon name itself inspires confidence to millions of customers throughout the world who know they are buying only Top Quality Products.
  • Avon is also a founder member of the Direct Selling Association.
  • Avon Cosmetics is a worlwide leader in beauty.

In August 2009 Avon held its annual Live Your Dream Event. Anna Segatti, the UKs Avon President delivered a very interesting speech along with Richard Pinnock. The following were some hard hitting facts that Anna told us:

  • We need to touch MORE customers
  • Only 1 in 3 women that would like to see an Avon brochure actually gets to see one
  • BIGGEST loss of representatives is due to lack of training and contact
  • 73% SALES LEADER GROWTH was contributed by Independent Sales Leaders in 2008-09
  • 43% REPRESENTATIVE GROWTH was contributed by Independent Sales Leaders in 2008-09
  • 26,760 NEW REPRESENTATIVES were a direct contribution from Independent Sales Leaders in 2008-09
  • 32% PAID SALES GROWTH was contributed by Independent Sales Leaders in 2008-09

Average earnings for each level in the Avon MLM pay structure during 2008-9

  • SALES LEADER LEVEL £500 PER ANNUM (average earning)
  • ADVANCED SALES LEADER LEVEL £9,000 PER ANNUM (average earnings)
  • EXECUTIVE SALES LEADER LEVEL £30,000 PER ANNUM (average earnings)

Avon paid out over £5.6 Million in total sales leaders commissions 2008-09

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A few facts about me and my Avon Multi Level Marketing growth

I started as an Avon lady almost 7 years ago. I had moved area, had a 20 hr a week job, 2 kids, my hubby but no friends. I picked up the local paper that said "Join Avon, meet new people" perfect I thought. I had no back ground knowledge of sales, marketing or networking and wouldn't have known what MLM even stood for?!...

After a few campaigns ( there are 18 Avon brochures out every year,with new offers and products every 3 weeks) I quickly realised what an amazing reputation Avon had with its customers. The feed back I was getting when delivering their products was nothing short of phenomenal. Women hadn't seen a book in years and others swore by the Avon products and were buying from their friends aunties reps just to get their orders!!...I knew that this company was going to give me opportunities beyond my wildest dreams. I didn't even need to convince people to buy the products, Avon's household name of over 120 years had done the hard work for me. All I had to do was find the customers.

It didn't take long, within a few campaigns I gained a strong list of 60 customers ordering each campaign, and I was saving my pennies to get married to Brian. I was soon approached by the Area Manager & told about sales leadership. I knew nothing of recruiting people but soon found it was as easy (if not easier) as finding Avon customers. The company name spoke for itself, all I had to do was offer women a "stay at home job, with no boss and no cash outlay" how difficult was that going to be. Anyway, in my 1st year I earn't £7000.00 not to bad considering i only did around 6 hours a week (ow yeah and it paid for us to get married!). My 2nd year I earn't £15,500.00 quit my part time job and started recruiting Avon ladies in between school hours mon-friday. My 3rd year I earn't £31,500.00 & my hubby started to take notice! My 4th year we had a baby and still earn't £45,000. Year 5 Brian quit his full time job and became an Avon Man!....We earn't £62,000.00 that year.In year 6 our tax returns showed we earn't a staggering £85,000.00. Year 7 £98,000.00 and year 8 we earned £113,000.00.

2011 We are looking at earning an amazing figure of over £150,000.00 Who wouldn't want to have a wage increase like that?

I joined this company to meet new people and earn a little extra cash. Now we have 2 homes, 2 cars, have won holidays to Barcelona, Prague, Mallorca & Last year we were 3rd place for the Avon Monte Carlo trip for the Top 20 performers in the UK.

2011 We are in Berlin on an all expenses paid trip care of Avon. We are one of only 4 people that have won ALL of the Top 20 Sales Leaders holidays in the UK.

We also have won an ALL expenses paid trip to New York with $400 spending money. Our life is amazing and all through selling and helping others to sell a House hold brand name that EVERY BODY knows and loves. AVON is the MLM of the future. Join the company, join the team, follow your dreams like us!. Fill out the application, ask me a few questions and get building a network of Avon ladies (and a few good men)