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New to Avon?

We are so excited to see you here and starting your Avon journey with us.  On this page you are going to find all the knowledge, tips, ideas and experience you will need to get you off to a flying start with your Avon business.  We will guide you through Step by Step in easy to understand bite size chunks of information.  Below are all the Steps you will need.Simply wait for your correspondence from your Sales Leader who will tell you when your next step will be and go the the appropriate number.

Lets get started



Step 1



Sell to family, friends and or work colleagues OR find customers with Avon’s support

Step 2

Show the Avon Brochure or share your Personal Online Brochure (POB)

Place your Avon order and deliver them to your customers

Collect payment from your customers. Pay Avon and pay yourself, no bank accounts required

Finding Avon customers

On top of the standard Business pack from Avon your Galsreps Leader will provide you with the Exclusive training materials including your  'Personal on-line brochure to finding customers” and talk you through how and where to find and build a fantastic customer base using the FREE brochures provided, (if you would like more just ask). The Exclusive 'Gails Golden rules' will be a part of your training on the day of appointment.

Serving your Avon customers

As an integral part of your initial training when becoming an Avon Representative you will be shown how to serve your Avon customers with a high quality service.

We will teach you the Avon values, ethics and guarantees as well as how to use Avon samples and special offers.  We also pride ourselves as a team to share some of the most powerful selling techniques that you will only receive from Gailsreps team of Leaders.

Maintaining your Avon customers

To maintain your Avon customers you must learn how to gain loyalty from them, and here at Gailsreps we will teach you the art of becoming a reliable and respected Local Avon Representative.

This is the most important part of you becoming an Avon Representative because it is about the future of your sales and earnings potential.  Becoming an Avon Representative is about speaking to people, getting to know them on a personal level and providing a special and unique service.

As a bonus you will also be provided with “Gails Golden rules to using your Personal On-line Brochure”. This brand new virtual brochure is called POB or Personal On-line Brochure and it enables you to sell your Avon On-Line Via email and social media sites including Face Book, Twitter, Linked in and many more. See bottom of page for POB details.

How to use your Personal On-line Brochure (POB)

Here at Gailsreps we pride ourselves on teaching you how to gain more customers by training you thoroughly on how to use the Personal On-line Brochure known as POB.

POB is a great way to gain more customers. We teach you how to use POB through using your social media platforms and by sending it via email to your friends, family and work colleagues.

Check out this video tutorial from Avon, it shows you how to use your POB in easy bite size chunks.

Become an Avon Representative today for Fun, Flexibility & Freedom to work when and where you want