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Welcome to Avon

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Welcome to Avon

Sell to family, friends or work colleagues OR find customers with Avon’s support

Show the Avon Brochure or share your Personal Online Brochure (POB)

Place your order.  Receive your Order, Tick it and Bag it.

Deliver, & Collect payment from your customers. Pay Avon and pay yourself!

  Congratulations, you have started your very own Avon business.

We met you recently and gave you the brochures with some training.  It is simple to earn with Avon, but we do know you won't have remembered everything.  So here is our way to help you through your next few steps.

Go ahead and save this page on to your home screen, bookmark it or add it to your homepages that open automatically.  That way you wont waste time looking for it again.

If you have any questions at all you can contact the person that recruited you or Avon direct on 0333 2345000.  You can use the Search GailsReps Box just there on the right and down a bit.  Ask anything, maybe "how do I find customers" or "how do I pay my bill" and finally you can talk to us all for a fast response on Facebook.

For now, all you need do is follow these steps 

1 - You have the Brochures, put some order forms inside with your details on, the pick up day marked and your expected delivery day.  Now simply ask people if they would like to see an Avon brochure.  ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME - ALWAYS ASK is the best way to find customers.  So go ahead, ask Friends, Family, Neighbours and Work Colleagues.

You may receive an email invite to cover some roads that Avon believe are not getting Avon brochures.  If you do, make the most of it, it all adds up to more customers and earnings for you.

Use your black Calling Book to record your customers.

Keep distributing the brochures and saving up your orders until your order day, and we wrote those on page 13 of your Getting Started as a Representative guide, and you can see them if you login to your Avon.

2 - To Login to your Avon account click here.  Your account number is on the front of your Avon booklet, and you know your password.

3 - To Order simply follow this video.  Don't forget your free stationary... returns bags 90472, order forms code 87197, calling book 82925, ring sizers 82917, and 99p for some bags 92486.  For Brochures, order on the REDLINE please.  We recommend you order 8 packs  that's 8 x 5 = 40 Brochures.  So long as your total order value is over MOV (Minimum Order Value) you will earn 20% commission, and once your order goes up to the HOV (Higher Order Value) you will earn a full 25%.  You also get a Discount magazine, just for you, called 'First Look'.  All the products have a 5 Digit code just like the main brochure.

4 - Avon will Deliver your customers products to you without you paying up front.  Find the Invoice and check it off.  See here

5 - Bag up and Deliver the products to collect in the money. See here

6 - Now Pay Yourself by using the collected money to Pay the Avon invoice, best at the post office.  see here , and pay yourself with what is left.  Congratulations!

We wish you nothing but success in your new Avon business

Gail, Brian & Team x

Now repeat the cycle and find some more new customers to add to your existing list.

Late Customers - If a customer passes you an order after you have already placed your bulk order to Avon simply phone Avon on 0333 2345000.  Follow the option to place an order, then listen out for Add to your regular order and it will tell you if you are in time to do so.  If you press '0' at the beginning you get to speak to someone if you prefer.  If you are too late you have the choice of placing an Additional order.

Additional Orders - If you need to place an extra order after your free delivery Regular campaign order has gone in, you have a choice of a 5 day delivery for a small cost approx £2.75, or a Fast 2 day delivery called Express at approx £5.  If you are a new representative these orders may be delayed (called held) if you still owe Avon more than £19 from the previous order.  If you have been with Avon a while they may send it without delay.  Best way to find out is after placing the order is to phone Avon, press '0' to speak to someone and ask if the order is on its way or being held for payment.  These additional orders do not have to be over MOV currently £85 to get commission.  Commission will be paid at the rate the Regular order qualified for.

Returns - If ever you need to return a product, Avon call this CREDITS.  Log in, hover the mouse over MY ORDERS and click CREDITS.  It is Free and simple, just like a reverse order, follow this link.  Do it just before you place your new order.  There is a knack to how to pack your returns ready for the driver, its shown here.

Missing a product? - Its a similar process to returns but its called REPLACEMENTS. Login, hover the mouse over MY ORDERS and click REPLACEMENTS.  Choose the product and have it replaced with the same product.  Use reason code 54. item missing from box but on invoice as charged. 

Other ways to sell? - Email out your POB brochure and post on social networking sites.  Sell on EBay, video here, article here, or Amazon, many do very well.  Some do Party Plan.  Some sell at car boots and school fetes too.  Can you think of a new way to sell Avon?

You are now in business and this style of business is called Network Marketing.  You can learn more about it here at GailReynolds.co.uk, sign in for free to receive fresh knowledge updates.

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Once you have got used to your Selling as an Avon Representative the next logical step is teaching others how to start Avon.  Just like we have taught you.  Its not rocket science, its just a passion to help others results in helping yourself earn more too.  Read here and tell your leader/recruiter that you'd like to try Leadership.  £5k in bonuses for the 1st year alone with on track earning of £14k into your second year.