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Avon in Cardiff and Newport

Leaders Name: Howard and Jane Philpott

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My Story 

Avon in Cardiff and Newport.

Jane and I are committed to helping people get what they want from this great AVON opportunity.

We understand that people are sometimes nervous about trying something new, our role is to make sure you get all the training, support and encouragement you need to make your AVON business a success, that’s why we currently have the fastest growing business in the U.K.

When you join our team you get the best of two great support teams. Firstly AVON provide lots of “tools” like your own on-line brochure, these make it easy to get orders from online shoppers and your facebook friends – then there is us, your team we provide the extra bits, the bits of magic that help you to build a great business, together we can provide:

• Your own on-line web site.
• Full training by some of the UK’s leading business builders.
• Professional – FREE Posters, handouts and business cards.
• Holidays, Prizes, FREE Products plus many more incentives provided by AVON
• Coaching and support to help you achieve your income goal whether that’s £100 or £3,000 a month.
• Regular get-togethers and events to help you develop your business with a bit of fun.

We are always available to guide you and point you in the right direction.

You know AVON is a great and trusted brand and
I know with our support YOU can be a great AVON rep.

If you are looking for a bit more than “pin money” then you can be sure that we have the experience and track record to ensure you have the best possible start. We have the training in place to help you learn and develop the skills needed to build a rewarding AVON business.

We know from our own experience that working around a busy family life can be a challenge, but when we started we knew we needed to do something different and we chose AVON because it was flexible, stable and we got to meet new people.
Only you will know if you need to do something new to change your circumstances, you know if your bank account is looking sad! – A great friend once said “work full-time on your job and part-time on your fortune”, whether your “job” is employment or looking after the kids, AVON can be your “part-time fortune”.

Why not just pick up the phone and give us a call and we can chat about what you are looking for and how we might be able to help.
Enthusiastically yours,

Jane & Howard Philpott
Independent Avon Sales Leaders

Jane – 07834 483864
Howard – 07415 412021

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