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Maria Burrows in Bath

My name is Maria Burrows and I am 36 years old. I am happily married to Jason and we live in Bath. We have 2 children Xena-Maria who is 8, and Blaise who is 3. I have lived in Bristol all my life but 4 years ago moved to Bath. My journey with Avon began on 20th August 2005 when my daughter was 17 months old.

maria burrows

I had just got her to sleep when there was a knock on the door. The lady on the doorstep was an Avon Sales Leader and was looking for new representatives in the area, I invited her in and offered her coffee. We spoke for two hours and I realised she and I had similar dreams and ambitions. The moment I started I began to earn extra cash, and furthermore I began growing a team of my own which brought additional cash on top. I built my team quickly so I received bonus payments on top of that again!

I found approaching people an easy thing to do because most people loved Avon products too, I even found a lot of people approached me to find out more about Avon so it was very much a two way thing.

I use the products myself and am very proud of what I sell, which gives me extra confidence when I recruit new representatives because I know they’ll love them too and be as proud as I am selling them.

Avon are really good at keeping reps interested and motivated by giving earning incentives and bringing out new products all the time in the brochures that change every three weeks. Avon are the leaders in cosmetic reinvention.

I’ve made lots of new friends and now know a lot of my neighbours. My lonely neighbours look forward to my visit and love to see both my children. Avon fits in perfectly around my children and they love making the brochures up and putting them through the doors with me. Its helped maintain my confidence and helped me meet new people and form new friendships.

As I continue my journey I remain optimistic about a great future and continue to meet great people, inspirational people who have similar ambitions to my own. I believe in Avon, I believe in me, and I believe in a great future.

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