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Team GBR Avon Golden Ticket Event Sept 2016

Posted: 09/14/16 Categories: The basics of Avon

Team GBR Avon Golden Ticket Event Sept 2016 It is that time of year again when we share our Team GBR AVON Golden Ticket Event This is an event that is exclusive to Team GBR Sales Leaders.  So in order for you to attend our next one in Sept 2017 you need to join our team […]

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Avon campaign 8 incentive achiever

Nadya Khan Senior Coordinator Avon campaign 8 incentive achiever
Posted: 05/11/15 Categories: Team GBR Achievements

Yet again, another fantastic effort this campaign from Avon Team GBR. We are so proud of how much you are doing with your business and we love seeing you grow and achieving your personal goals. Our Avon campaign 8 incentive achiever has done absolutely fantastic this campaign! She has achieved Senior Coordinator and we are […]

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Campaign 15/16 Team GBR exclusive Facebook incentive

Posted: 09/4/13 Categories: Newsflash, Team GBR & Avon Incentives

Incentive: The most LOA1’s in campaign 15 and campaign 16 they must be over Minimum order value. Rules and regulations People that want to be in it to win it have to post on this thread in the Facebook team GBR group. If they do not, then unfortunately you will not be in with the […]

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Top Avon achievers

Posted: 11/19/12 Categories: Team GBR Achievements

It is that time of the month again where we recognise Team GBR for their amazing efforts over the past 3 weeks. Avon Campaign 17 2012 Achievers I would like to begin our recognition with Pauline Walker.  Pauline has been a part of Team GBR for just 2 campaigns (6 weeks) and in those 2 campaigns she […]

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