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Team GBR Avon Golden Ticket Event Sept 2016

Written by Gail on September 14, 2016

Team GBR Avon Golden Ticket Event Sept 2016

It is that time of year again when we share our Team GBR AVON Golden Ticket Event

This is an event that is exclusive to Team GBR Sales Leaders.  So in order for you to attend our next one in Sept 2017 you need to join our team and become a Sales Leader with one of our wonderful Team GBR Sales Leaders.

Setting up these events are exciting and challenging.  We fill them with incredible guest speakers and amazing content that we know will enhance and build our teams businesses.

We met at the bar the night before for a few drinks and some 'time out' before the big day.  Take a look at what we get up to!

Welcome the Team GBR members to the event

To start the day off I said "Hi" to everyone and simply watched and listened to the hustle and bustle of the room.  The atmosphere was amazing and hopefully you can get a taste of what it was like to actually be there from this morning welcome video.

If you are watching these videos and would like to be a part of our next exclusive meeting why not see what Avon Sales Leadership can offer you and join us today!

Being a part of the right team is crucial to your business.  And here at GailsReps Brian and I completely believe that Team Spirit and helping others succeed is the secret to our success.  It is all about YOU so why not join us today and come to our next Golden Ticket event!

A warm message from Karla Kubikova UK Sales Director

We started the event at 10am sharp with something special for the Team.  

Everyone was wowed and excited to have received a warm and welcoming message from our UK Sales Director Karla Kubikova

After hearing about Karla's journey and the exciting things now on the table for all Avon Sales Leaders it was time to open up with some Recognition and prize winners. 

Recognition Incentives and winners of the Golden Ticket Prize Draws!

Holding a team event is one thing, but filling it with great content, guest speakers, incentives, recognition and prizes is what makes it a success!  Everyone that came along to the event were entered into our Free Prize Draws.  And there were lots of them, around 20 in total!  

We also had incentives running in the lead up to the event which included team growth, sales growth, downline growth and much more.  The incentive prizes included Roller banners, an Avon trolley, Avon advertising boards a Dymo labeler and Top selling books like 'Think and Grow rich'.  The prizes were a plenty too! With the entire £350 Avon Kits and designer bag as part of the giveaways along with wine, chocolates and lots of Avon products and T-Shirts.  

We also presented some Top Achiever awards too which were just incredible.  Some of our Team GBR members have accomplished so many extraordinary goals in their past year with Avon and we wanted to Recognise and celebrate their success with champagne and certificates aswel. The day was full and fun packed and we would like to share with you some of our Achievers and Winners on the day.


What to expect at the Golden Ticket Event

There was so much to share with the team in just 1 day and we had a fun packed agenda that went from 10am through to 5pm.  We filled every minute of the day (which managed to spill over the 5pm finish).  But it was worth it to hear about Becca and Libby's Avon journeys so far!  

We managed to have an endless supply of tea, coffee, cakes and pastries aswel as a 3 course meal for lunch.  But the best part of the day was just being there together, as a team, sharing ideas, planning our futures and building our knowledge.  

Our main content for the day was the launch of our Steps 1 to 9 New To Leadership page.  It is a simple step by step system that Brian and I have put in place for ALL new Sales Leaders that join our network.  It means that no matter where you live in the UK you can gain access to all our exclusive training files, materials, downloads and videos.  The Steps 1 to 9 are going to enable all our Sales Leaders to build their downline teams bigger, faster and more effectively all across the UK.  It is streamlined so it will cover everything a new Sales Leader will possibly need to know about their new Avon business in small easy steps.  However, you cannot get access to our training files, materials and videos if you are not a part of our network.  So although you may watch my snippet videos and read about our fantastic step by step system you have to be a aprt of our team to gain full access.

Another thing we talked about was Remote training your teams.  Since Avon went to 'Online appointing' our business has simply exploded.  And remote training is something I have been very passionate about for many years. In fact one of my fellow Team GBR members Marsha Barras and I can be seen talking about how we use Remote training to build our Avon Leadership businesses every day.  Take a look and see how you can manage your Avon Sales Leadership business from home with remote training.

Remote training made easy

All in all our Exclusive Team GBR Goldent Ticket events are getting bigger, better and more popular.  If you would like to be part of a team that works together, rewards and recognises one another then this is the place to be!.  We would love to see you become part of the family and enable us to be a part of your Avon journey.  It's easy to join us and our team of amazing Sales Leaders, all you need to do is become part of the team with us here at gailsreps.  We can't wait to welcome you in and have you as part of this amazing company and our forever growing family x

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