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Exclusive Open House Meeting for Team GBR

Posted: 04/17/12 Categories: Events

Welcome to Team GBR Exclusive Open House   Each month we have an Open House for all that are part of our team. This invite is open to Our Team of Sales leaders and their teams aswel.  And, any of my Avon Representatives and Avon Customers that would like to come along and meet others on the […]

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How much can I earn with Avon – My Avon earnings

Posted: 10/31/11 Categories: Passive Income & Avon Earnings, The basics of Avon

You can earn as much as you like.  Unlimited potential. As an Avon Representative you earn a ‘commission’ on your sales, sometimes called a ‘discount’. The more brochures you get out = the more sales you get in = the more you earn. You pass your Avon brochures out to people, collect them up again […]

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Motivational March Meeting with Gail and Brian Reynolds Gailsavon

Posted: 02/25/11 Categories: Events

  Motivational March Meeting with Gail and Brian Reynolds Gailsavon Eros Extreme team with Avon cosmetics in the south region have put together monthly motivational meetings for everyone that would like to attend. Eros have 24 managers and hundreds of sales leaders.  All of which are welcome to come along with their customers and Avon […]

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