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How to register as self employed and fill in your Online self assessment form

Posted: 06/19/12 Categories: Sales Leadership and MLM

Filling in your online assessment forms and don’t have the first clue? Maybe I can help you? Today I called the HMR help line and explained how my team of Avon ladies are struggling to follow the Online assessment forms as they are asked for numbers, ID’s and passwords left right and center! So, after a lengthy conversation with a […]

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Tax and the Avon opportunities

Posted: 03/6/12 Categories: Sales Leadership and MLM

Tax and the Avon opportunities You may have heard about and seen some of the recent press coverage about HM Revenue and Customs focusing on direct sellers and self-employed businesses. To support you here is some useful information regarding tax and your Avon business. As with anyone who runs a self-employed business, as a Representative […]

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