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Networking. How to network.

Posted: 05/17/11 Categories: Sales Leadership and MLM

What are your golden rules for building your customer and/or Representative network?  Talk – talk – talk. Avon – Avon – Avon.  It really is that easy.  There are 3 golden rules 1.FIND THE CUSTOMER 2.SERVE THE CUSTOMER 3.KEEP THE CUSTOMER   1.FIND THE REPRESENTATIVE 2.SERVE THE REPRESENTATIVE 3.KEEP THE REPRESENTATIVE   1.FIND THE SALES […]

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Avon Social Networks. Get connected

Posted: 03/18/11 Categories: Sales Leadership and MLM, The basics of Avon

There realy are no excuses for anyone not do Avon in the UK and do it extremely well. All the above Social networking links are there for you to join and gain valuable tips and ideas from thousands of Avon Representatives througout the UK Joining Avon could be the best thing your do this year. Enjoy the […]

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Professional Social Networking Group

Posted: 03/2/11 Categories: Sales Leadership and MLM

Who would’nt want to join this group? This group is about those of you out there that want to learn more and share your ideas on Social Networking. The Face Book Phenomenon is continuing to rise so why not help it on it’s way by utilizing these type of resources to grow your Avon business. […]

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Negative Networkers

Posted: 04/23/10 Categories: Sales Leadership and MLM

Yes, that’s what I said, Negative Networkers!   I often feel quite guilty… Almost depressed for some of the people’s lack of success on my team. In turn, I have started to spend the vast majority of my time developing new ideas, new systems, and new tools in order to help them achieve the success […]

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