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Avon Sales Leadership

Posted: 12/7/11 Categories: Passive Income & Avon Earnings

These are just a few of the amazing Bonuses you could achieve if you were to join Avon Sales Leadership for 2012 All Avon Bonuses are for those within the company that choose to work and build teams of Avon representatives. Anyone can achieve them with hard work and determination. Here at gailsreps we offer […]

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What do I need to qualify as a sales leader?

Posted: 09/22/11 Categories: Sales Leadership and MLM

Make sure you have these in place to qualify your down line sales leaders: 1. All their paper work has gone into Avon and they have been accepted as a Trainee Sales leader 2. They place an order over the £148.00 value 3. They have a minimum of 5 team members placing orders over the […]

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