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What do I need to qualify as a sales leader?

Written by Gail Reynolds on September 22, 2011

Make sure you have these in place to qualify your down line sales leaders:

1. All their paper work has gone into Avon and they have been accepted as a Trainee Sales leader

2. They place an order over the £148.00 value

3. They have a minimum of 5 team members placing orders over the value of £888.00 (this includes your own personal sales)

4. Always account for the returns they will bring your total value of sales down so make sure you account for every team members returns and your own!

5. If you are wanting to go up a level (sl to advanced) you CAN'T use performance points so remember to place a minimum order of £220.00 (required at advanced level)

Hope this helps

Gail Reynolds


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