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How to approach people with your Avon Books

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Posted: 01/18/11 Categories: New To Avon, The basics of Avon

I have been an Avon Lady since 2002 and I would like to share some of my Top Tips with those of you that may need a little help finding more Avon Customers.  I will start with a simple 3 step list to help you on your way; How to approach people with your Avon […]

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How to organise your Avon brochures

Posted: 01/17/11 Categories: The basics of Avon

It might seem a simple subject, but how to organise your Avon brochures the 1st day you start your Avon business is the difference between becoming successful and NOT! Organising my Avon brochures 3 reasons why we need to organise our Avon brochures We need sandwich bags or Avon brochure bags to keep your brochures well presented & […]

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