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How to organise your Avon brochures

Written by Gail Reynolds on January 17, 2011

It might seem a simple subject, but how to organise your Avon brochures the 1st day you start your Avon business is the difference between becoming successful and NOT!

Organising my Avon brochures

3 reasons why we need to organise our Avon brochures

  1. We need sandwich bags or Avon brochure bags to keep your brochures well presented & good condition to re-use
  2. Flag your pages to encourage customers to look and remember the special offers through the brochure
  3. Highlight the necessary parts of your Avon order forms for repeat sales and reliability

How do you organise your Avon brochures?

Could you share your top tips with us and share why it works for you?

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