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"Welcome to ‘GailsReps’ a multiple Award winning Avon team in the UK. We are so excited to see you here and starting your Avon journey with us. On this page we are going to share with you all our Avon knowledge, tips, ideas and experience that we have gained since 2002. We will guide you through Step by Step in easy to understand bite size chunks of information. Start with Step 1 and then simply wait for your Sales Leader to contact you to let you know when your next step will be. Now let’s get your earning!”



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Finding Avon customers is the life blood of your business. 

Customers = Earnings so let’s get straight to it and teach you the basics of finding loyal and repeat Avon customers. 

  1. Your contacts via; Social media and email are a great way to start selling and earning money with Avon, especially if you are waiting for your brochures to arrive in the post. You can also start thinking about sharing your Personal Online Store on Face Book selling Groups and pages.  Maybe you’d like to know how to set up your own Facebook selling pages and groups or what about setting up your very own Avon eBay shop?... We have it all here at the touch of a button for you to learn and explore the possibilities.
  2. Friends, family, work colleagues and your local community are a great place to start with your Online Store too. If you work and have work colleagues, you can email your Online Store to them too, so why not start sharing your store today!
  3. Territory and your local community are a fantastic way to grow your already existing customer list. You can NETWORK with Any Time, Any Where So Always Ask!  Always have a brochure and order form with you along with your Avon canvassing cards.  This is where your brochures play a crucial part in your business.  Make sure your brochures are with potential customers at all times. 

Finding Avon Customers

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REMEMBERWhilst an Avon brochure is in your house it isn’t making you money!”


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Your Avon Territory will help expand your existing customer list.

Territory = More Customers = More Earnings so let me show you how to canvass your allocated area and make the most from your territory.

  1. Your Territory will be sent to you 24 – 48 hours after you Join Avon. If you have preferred areas, you would like allocated to you simply let your Sales Leader know.
  2. This area is allocated to your name and business but, it is only a ‘Top up’ for you to find local customers. Always Network and share your brochures and Online Store Any Time, Any Where, Always Ask!
  3. Aswel as your allocated Territory why not approach local businesses such as, hairdressers, corner shops, pubs, gyms, nurseries and care homes. These are just a few places you could go with your brochures and Online Store.


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TOP TIP A great approach when Knocking and Presenting your Avon brochures in your Territory could be “Hi, I’m………. from Avon, I am your local Avon Representative and wondered if you would like to take a look at one of my Avon brochures?”


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Your Avon Kit are the tools of the trade, let’s put them to work.

Avon kit = Tools = Orders = More Earnings for you to make, so it’s time to learn how to use your resources and Make More Money.

  1. Your Avon Kit consists of; Brochures, Order Forms, Samples a Calling Book and a First Look Magazine. You may have already been give these on your Face to Face visit, or you may receive them in the post a couple of days after your Video Appointment.  You will also have your Avon Booklet/Guide along with any verbal or written instructions from your Sales Leader.  At this point in your Avon journey you will also have your very own Account number and Password and your Online Avon Store all set up! CONGRATULATIONS
  2. Using your Avon Kit is fundamental for you to succeed, so knowing how to utilise your kit is your main priority. Watching the video below on How to use your Avon Kit

will give you the best start to your Avon business and key points to work on including TOP TIPS like ‘How to Flag a page’.

  1. After following Steps 1 and 2 you can begin using your Avon Kit. So, if you were recruited in your home you can watch this video immediately and learn the tools and tricks of the trade.


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TOP TIP Make sure you only leave a brochure on your Territory for 2 to 3 days at the most.  You will have a limited amount of Brochures given to you so you need to recycle them and have them flowing through new customer’s doors and hands every few days. 


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Placing and submitting your Avon order Online on time.

Placing Avon orders = Avon Income so make sure you place your order on the date given to you on your appointment, you also have a countdown box on your Avon home page.

  1. How to place and submit your 1st Avon order along with ordering admin products is your next step to success. Learning how to order your customers products along with anything you would like from your First Look magazine is part of this step too.
  2. How to back order and earn extra money is a TOP TIP in this video too, so make sure you watch it all the way through.
  3. Ordering your Avon Brochures is part of growing your business next campaign so ensure to invest your earning wisely. We recommend you order 8 packs of 5 (40 brochures) so you can serve and find many more potential customers next campaign. 


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REMEBER to place your order for your next lot of brochures by filling in the RED BOX on the front page of placing your order.  Also, don’t forget your Avon admin and bags, they can be found in your First Look Magazine every campaign.   


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Understanding your Avon invoice and sorting your Avon delivery.

Avon Orders = Avon Income so now let’s learn how to bag up those Avon orders and collect in your Avon earnings

  1. Inside your boxes will be all the products and admin you ordered online. Take a look at the outside of your boxes and look for the box marked ‘Avon Invoice inside’.
  2. Take out your invoice and paper work and make sure you keep your RETURNS LABELS in a safe place, they will come in handy in a campaign or two.
  3. Ticking of your products as you pack them away is essential, it enables you to check the price you are charged and the price your customer is paying.

Understanding your Avon invoice and bagging your orders

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TOP TIP be organised…. Having everything ready before you open up your boxes can make it all run a lot smoother.  Have a pen and highlighter ready along with your stapler and bags.   


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Opening and  Sharing your Avon Online Store.

Online Store orders = More earnings! The more you sell the more you earn and the more people you share your Online Store with the more chance of growing your customer base all over the UK.  You can have Avon do all the delivering for you if you select DIRECT DELIVERY ONLY or you can still offer free Rep delivery but you need to deal with those yourself.   

  1. Here is how to open your Online Store, click here
  2. Online Sellers only - select DIRECT DELIVERY when opening your store.  Avon will deal with the order and pay you into your balance area of your Avon account.  You just share your store link like crazy, all over social media, email and SMS your friends and all contacts.  Maybe use paid advertising for a wider audience. 
  3. Using it local and still delivering yourself means you will need to keep an eye on any orders coming in, to accept them fast so they stay with you, click here. 

Sharing your Avon Online Store

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TOP TIP be creative!  Use all the resources Avon have to offer you on your Free Avon Website.  Share your Online Store on Face Book Groups and other social media platforms.  As well as creating your own Facebook Groups and pages for your customers to enjoy and connect.


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How to pay your Avon bill.

Pay Avon = Pay yourself! It’s pay day.  Once you’ve paid what you owe Avon you can now treat yourself to something special with your Avon earnings.


  1. Always keep your Avon invoice and paper work in a safe place, you never know when you may need to refer back to it.
  2. Once you have collected in all your money decide HOW you would like to pay your Avon bill.
  3. Always keep your receipts and reference numbers once you’ve made your payment.


Understanding your Avon invoice and bagging your orders

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TOP TIP be organised…. Having everything ready before you open up your boxes can make it all run a lot smoother.  Have a pen and highlighter ready along with your stapler and bags.   


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Avon returns system, claiming credits and replacements.

Returns = Cash Back! This is a fantastic 28 day returns policy on any product in the brochure, even lipsticks and mascara’s.  Be sure to let your customers know about it.


  1. When returning any Avon item, you need to give your customer the complete refund.  You will receive an immediate refund less commission from Avon no questions asked.
  2. You will only have returns labels in your 1st Avon order so keep them safe.  Once you complete a returns Avon will send you another sheet of returns labels. 
  3. Always keep your copy of the driver signed returns sheet.  If Avon misplace your returns you will need to quote the BAR code to ensure no recharges are made on your account.


Avon returns system

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TOP TIP always try to ‘sell on’ a product that a customer hasn’t opened.  That way you keep all the commission on the product.  But, NEVER keep a product that you cannot sell on, always use the fantastic returns procedure to reclaim the cost of the product and reimburse your customer. 


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Social Media Top Tips to increase your Avon earnings.

Social Media = More Customers = More Earnings! And who doesn’t want to earn more earnings? Social media is a FREE and FAST way to increase your customer base and the money you earn.  So let’s get to it and open up your Avon Online Stores for everyone to shop in.

  1. Billions of people use social media to connect and share with their friends and family all over the world. So, now it’s time to use those FREE Platforms to build your Avon business.
  2. From Facebook to eBay, you should be connecting with as many people that you know and even more importantly those you don’t know!
  3. Create a following, have fun, share ideas and tips. Being present on social media isn’t enough. You need to interact, solve problems, and give something that no one else offers. 
  4. Be YOU. Always use your own name, a picture of YOURSELF and let people know a little bit about yourself.  This is called Attraction Marketing and is very valuable lesson to learn when using social media.  Be personal and professional, social media is there for everyone to use so make the most of your social media presence today.

Top Tip Let you friends in on the action, and recommend a friend to Avon to earn yourself £90 worth of products so you can start your own Avon Parties!  Don’t forget once you place your 3rd order you can buy the fantastic Avon Fragrance Pack for just £25, it’s worth over £140, and is ideal for your 1st Avon party.

Social Media Top Tips

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Remember whenever you post anything on social media EVERYONE can see it and read it. So, always be conscious of what you say and do because it could affect how people see you as a professional business.  If you’re not prepared to ‘Shout your announcement in a crowded shopping centre’ then don’t put it on social media. 

This is just the beginning of your Avon journey and now you have placed at least 3 orders with Avon you are ready for the next exciting step.

New to Avon Leadership 

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