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Avon Public Liability Insurance

Avon Public Liability Insurance
Posted: 05/14/15 Categories: The basics of Avon

Why do you need Avon Public Liability Insurance? Public Liability Insurance is essential cover for most types of business. Liability.1st are delighted to offer Public Liability Insurance to self employed Avon representatives and sales leaders. Avon do not provide this cover because you are not direct employees. Public liability insurance is very important because you owe a duty […]

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Avon campaign 7 incentive achiever

Avon campaign 7 incentive achiever advanced coordinator
Posted: 04/17/15 Categories: Team GBR Achievements, The basics of Avon

Another amazing campaign for Team GBR! Our  Avon campaign 7 incentive achiever is clearly on a roll with their Avon business. You heard about her achievement last campaign with the Avon campaign 6 incentive achiever blog, and here she is again achieving Advanced Coordinator in just 1 campaign! Congratulations to… Andrea Hill Advanced Coordinator Level […]

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Avon campaign calender for 2015

Avon calendar 2015
Posted: 11/12/14 Categories: The basics of Avon

To view your Avon campaign calendar for 2015, click the link available here: Avon campaign calender for 2015 It has all of the available campaign dates in for 2015, starting from 1 all the way through to 18, as well as all of the Mail plans dates. You can use this to help plan not […]

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Record highest Avon earnings in 1 campaign SO FAR!

Highest avon earnings in 1 campaign
Posted: 11/10/14 Categories: The basics of Avon

As a member of Avons top uk earners club, may we share with you our news. “From a single parent living in a council flat with 2 kids and claiming benefits, to becoming one of the UK’s most influential leaders of our time. With no business back ground, no qualifications when she left school and […]

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Avon Campaign 16 Incentive achievers

Avon Campaign 16 incentive achievers
Posted: 10/30/14 Categories: The basics of Avon

First of all, well done to all of our team for working so hard this campaign.  We have seen that you have done brilliantly and for that, it has paid off on your behalf! We have 5 Avon Campaign 16 Incentive achievers this time! Congratulations to you all; achieving great things and many more to […]

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How do I add to my Avon Order?

Posted: 09/13/13 Categories: The basics of Avon

If you have already placed your regular Avon campaign order and then want to ADD to it, simply phone Avon on 0333 234500, use the automated options or press 0 to speak to someone and ask if you are okay to ADD to the order you have just done. Do not do an internet ADDITIONAL […]

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New Avon Prospecting Cards July 2013

Posted: 07/29/13 Categories: The basics of Avon

The brand new Avon prospecting cards for July 2013 have arrived! These fabulous cards/flyers will be great to use to find new Avon Representatives to join you and your team. This cool new design informs the reader about the revolutionary new True Colour Technology make up range as well as space allowing you to write […]

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Avon Rewards Payment Compensation Plan as of 11th June 2013

Posted: 07/29/13 Categories: The basics of Avon

What you can earn as an Avon Sales Leader % commissions are earned from your team of representatives that you look after.  The percentage increases as you move through the 4 levels, Sales Leader – Advanced Sales leader, Executive Sales Leader and Senior Executive Sales Leader. You can also achieve many Bonuses.  The bonuses are […]

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Avon Widgets

Did you know when you Join Avon you will have access to some of the most amazing e Tools and they are all FREE?! To find out more about the Avon widgets and how to use them, I have listed you a step by step guide below.  Using the Avon widgets will enable you to gain more sales and earn […]

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Sell Avon online with POB your Personal Online Brochure

Posted: 01/18/13 Categories: The basics of Avon

Have you heard about the fantastic new Selling tool from Avon that is available for all Avon Representatives. POB the Personal Online Brochure – (as of 2016 this is now redundant) ALL Avon Representatives that join Avon will be given a Unique URL for their very own Online Avon Brochure. When you join GailsReps our experienced […]

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