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Record highest Avon earnings in 1 campaign SO FAR!

Written by Gail Reynolds on November 10, 2014

As a member of Avons top uk earners club, may we share with you our news.

"From a single parent living in a council flat with 2 kids and claiming benefits, to becoming one of the UK’s most influential leaders of our time. With no business back ground, no qualifications when she left school and no knowledge of the industry she is now leading the way for thousands and thousands of others like her.  Gail Reynolds has built an empire of over 2700 team members."

So our very last blog that we wrote about our highest earnings was saying that we had achieved our biggest pay cheque in just 1 campaign SO FAR - a grand total of £13,023.64 - and now we have topped that pay cheque this campaign and earnt an even higher sum of money...

The total of our biggest Avon earnings in 1 campaign SO FAR now is (drum roll, please!)...

Highest avon earnings in 1 campaign

Highest avon earnings in 1 campaign

That's our record breaking Avon earnings in 1 campaign so far! An additional £167.63 - we couldn't have done it without you. 🙂

We have gone from £7,000 a year to earning £13,191.27 in just 3 weeks!

ANYONE can earn this kind of money with the Avon Sales Leadership Opportunity. If you would like to join our team as an Avon Sales Leader, click here to find out more. There are unlimited earnings with the Avon Sales Leadership business opportunity, so why not you, and why not today?!

Earning money like this can only be done with the help of an absolutely fantastic, lovely, hard working, determined and motivated team behind us. We are really proud of every individual and would just like to say thank you. We couldn't do it without you!

c16 2014 avon earnings

c16 2014 avon earnings

The journey

Please note that these earnings do not just happen over night. We have worked extremely hard over the past 12 years to the point where we earn this much, in the beginning Gail would work 50 / 60 hours a week just to get the business off the ground - and it certainly has paid off.

In the duration of November 2013 - to this present day with our highest avon earnings in 1 campaign, we have had the chance to feature in articles such as The Daily Mail, The Gaurdian, and even Pick Me Up Magazine!

Just like last time, we are really hoping that our next campaign's earnings will be even higher.

More information:

Avon's new Pay Plan

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