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Avon Rewards Payment Compensation Plan as of 11th June 2013

Written by Gail Reynolds on July 29, 2013

What you can earn as an Avon Sales Leader

% commissions are earned from your team of representatives that you look after.  The percentage increases as you move through the 4 levels, Sales Leader – Advanced Sales leader, Executive Sales Leader and Senior Executive Sales Leader.

You can also achieve many Bonuses.  The bonuses are the flagged amounts and they too increase as you progress.

As of July 2013 the average earnings for a Sales Leader is.....

Sales Leader = £1214

Advanced Sales leader = £6697

Executive Sales leader = £25,778

Senior Executive Sales leader = £65,525

Avon's BDB trainee to sales leadership level

Avon's BDB trainee to sales leadership level



We can show some factual income figures here as they are ours... In Gail's 1st year I earned £7000.00, not to bad considering Gail only did around 6 hours a week (oh yeah and it paid for us to get married!).  Gail's  2nd year earned her £15,500.00 and she quit her part time job and started recruiting Avon ladies in between school hours Monday - Friday.  Brian quit his full time job and became an Avon Man! Which meant in our 3rd year we earned £31,500.00.  Our 4th year we had a baby and still earned £45,000.00.  In year 5 we earned £62,000.00.  In year 6  our tax returns showed we earned a staggering £85,000.00 .  Year 7 £98,000.00, year 8 we earned £113,000.00 and now in year 10 we are up to £150,000.00 still enjoying Avon and still helping others.

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