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Avon for men?!…it certainly is…

Posted: 03/23/10 Categories: Sales Leadership and MLM

Avon for men?!…it certainly is…check out this new website Scott Stringer is the New Avon Man in town.  Stepping in the shoes of Hugh Jackman (from the movie soon to hit cinemas in 2011, The Avon Man) Scott sees the benefits of living and working in a woman’s world!  Avon is notoriously known as the […]

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Avon Man, The Movie

Posted: 03/13/10 Categories: Sales Leadership and MLM, The basics of Avon

Coming soon to a cinema near you !! Kevin Lima Wants To Sell Avon With Hugh Jackman by Elisabeth Rappe Feb 18th 2010 // 11:32AM Filed under: Comedy, Deals, 20th Century Fox, DIY/Filmmaking, Newsstand Any movie that has the likes of Hugh Jackman going door to door selling Avon is a fairy tale, so it’s […]

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