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Avon for men?!…it certainly is…

Written by Gail Reynolds on March 23, 2010

Avon for men?!...it certainly is...check out this new website

Scott Stringer is the New Avon Man in town.  Stepping in the shoes of Hugh Jackman (from the movie soon to hit cinemas in 2011, The Avon Man) Scott sees the benefits of living and working in a woman's world!  Avon is notoriously known as the Company for Women, and Scott is proving that "A Few Good Men" have joined the global company too.  In just 10 days Scott recruited over 25 women into his team and is looking at winning some TOP prizes at the Avon Live Your Dream Event in 2010.  A Los Angeles Trip being the prize he is personally after.  Work hard, Build the Business and Become a Success is what this Avon Man intends to do.

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