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Avon Man, The Movie

Written by Gail Reynolds on March 13, 2010

Coming soon to a cinema near you !!

Kevin Lima Wants To Sell Avon With Hugh Jackman

by Elisabeth Rappe Feb 18th 2010 // 11:32AM

Filed under: Comedy, Deals, 20th Century Fox, DIY/Filmmaking, Newsstand

Any movie that has the likes of Hugh Jackman going door to door selling Avon is a fairy tale, so it's fitting that Avon Man has attracted a director who helmed one of the most clever happily ever afters of the decade. According to Variety, Kevin Lima of Enchanted may be stocking Jackman's kit, and sending him door to door.

Avon Man will star Jackman (who is also producing) as a salesman who ends up unemployed and down on his luck. Like most people in this economy, he's unable to find a job that suits his talents. Desperate to save his family from financial ruin, he takes a job selling Avon. He realizes his good looks, charm, broad shoulders and ability to sing Broadway tunes makes him a hit with the ladies, and he becomes a top salesman. He then recruits his buddies to help him win a regional sales contest, and they all learn that manhood isn't threatened by the ability to apply a smoky eye and pick the perfect lipstick.

Filming is set to begin in April, allowing Jackman to play light and cute before heading into the ring for DreamWorks' Real Steel. I rag on him for his script choices a lot, but this is a fluffy film that I can't wait to see him in. He's good at comedy. And yes, my dreams do involve him coming to my door with a good undereye concealer, but I never wanted to admit it.

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