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How do I add to my Avon Order?

Posted: 09/13/13 Categories: The basics of Avon

If you have already placed your regular Avon campaign order and then want to ADD to it, simply phone Avon on 0333 234500, use the automated options or press 0 to speak to someone and ask if you are okay to ADD to the order you have just done. Do not do an internet ADDITIONAL […]

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Avon Brochure 5 Highlights

Posted: 02/15/13 Categories: Avon Products and Party Plan

Take a look at Avon’s amazing offers in brochure 5 2013   From nail wear to home and luxury, take a look at the amzing products on offer in Campaign 5     To place your personal online Avon order with me today just take a look at my virtual brochure – shop online and submit your […]

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Avon Brochure 4 Highlights

Posted: 02/15/13 Categories: Avon Products and Party Plan

From great give away’s to amazing half price offers Avon have some spectacular products for you to choose from in Campaign 4 2013   [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnHr3O8hOa4]   Need any Avon products? Check out this incredible offer, and order your Avonthrough me today  

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Avon’s Smart Start 2013

Posted: 02/6/13 Categories: Team GBR & Avon Incentives

Avon Representatives are given a great start to their Avon business on the first day they join Avon. New Smart Start for new starting representative from campaign 5 2013 up to campaign 16 2014 It is a great way to start your Avon business with Free samples, full sized products and stationery to help you build your […]

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Avon C7 Nailwear Get Together Pack

Posted: 02/4/13 Categories: Avon Products and Party Plan

Following the success of our Campaign 4 Great Giveaway Get Together pack, we’ve created a follow on to support Avon’s Campaign 7 nailwear brochure. Available for both Avon Sales Leaders and Avon Representatives, they can order in their Campaign 5 order (Campaign 6 for trendsetters). Priced at just £19 the pack contains a variety of […]

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Avon’s Party Plan Ideas

Posted: 01/29/13 Categories: Avon Products and Party Plan

What to do This section is all about how to actually organise your get together – what to do, where to have it, who to invite and what you need to get ready. Go through this section so you feel thoroughly organised then you can think about the fun stuff! Type of get together There […]

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Alesha Dixon Avon customer competition

Posted: 01/23/13 Categories: Team GBR & Avon Incentives

Ding Dong Alesha Dixon could be calling on your door if you buy from Avon’s latest brochure 6 To be in with a chance to win all you need to do is to order from your Avon Brochure 6 with your local Avon representative (you can request a local Avon representative here).  Once you have […]

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Can I do Avon again?

Posted: 10/10/12 Categories: The basics of Avon

Many people have joined Avon in the past and for what ever reason they have subsequently stopped.  Some of the most common questions we get asked is “How do I re-join Avon, and or is my old account still active?” Because this is a common question I thought I would share some of the Avon rules with you in […]

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Avon eBrochure 9

Posted: 05/11/12 Categories: Selling tips and Avon's Presidents Club

Browse our latest Avon eBrochure and simply email us back with your Avon order

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Avon e-Brochure 8

Posted: 03/30/12 Categories: Selling tips and Avon's Presidents Club

Check out your latest Avon e-Brochure 8 Avon’s campaign 8 is here for you Simply click on the image, flick through the pages and see some of Avon’s amazing offers in Brochure 8. If you would like to place an order with me then follow these simple steps: CLICK THE CORNERS OF EACH PAGE TO […]

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