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Can I do Avon again?

Written by Gail Reynolds on October 10, 2012

Many people have joined Avon in the past and for what ever reason they have subsequently stopped.  Some of the most common questions we get asked is "How do I re-join Avon, and or is my old account still active?"

Because this is a common question I thought I would share some of the Avon rules with you in the simple 3 step guide below.

3 simple steps to follow if you have joined Avon before

1.  If you don't place an order for 3 - 8 campaigns you will still hold your account but will have to pay a £7.50 admin fee

2.  If you don't place an order for 3 - 8 campaigns and have a debt you will be required to pay your debt 1st (aqnd in some cases even if you pay what you owe Avon may not allow you to come back as your account may have gone to the debtors list)

3.  If you don't place an order for 8 campaigns or more you will need to be recruited again and have yourself a new account number and new sales leader if that is what you want. This will incur the £15.00 admin fee, but you will be able to go for ALL the Smart start bonuses and any other incentive Avon are doing at the time. i.e. Rising stars (Again, if you don't pay your bill, you will not be allowed to come back to Avon full stop)

Come Back to Avon

One more thing, if you have simply missed a couple of campaigns due to personal reasons you are fine to continue placing orders as normal.  It is only once you missed your 3rd campaign that things get slightly complicated.


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