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Avon’s Party Plan Ideas

Written by Gail Reynolds on January 29, 2013

What to do

This section is all about how to actually organise your get together – what to do, where to have it, who to invite and what you need to get ready. Go through this section so you feel thoroughly organised then you can think about the fun stuff!
Type of get together
There are many different types of get together and the beauty of it is, you can make it your own to suit you and your customers. A 'get together' can be anything including:

  • A few people having a morning coffee
  • A children's afternoon play date where the mums get together as well
  • Friends getting together for afternoon tea and cake
  • A girly night in for a pyjama party
  • A sophisticated evening with cocktails and canapes

The options really are endless. Basically, as long as you have products, brochures and order forms around, any time people gather together, it is technically a 'get together'!

Who should I invite?
This depends on the type of get together you are holding. There's everything you might need in theresources section in terms of games, ideas of things to do at your party but see the checklist below for a quick guide to what you physically need to have - it's not much - bet you have it all already!
In the resources section there is a form that allows you to map out everyone you want to invite so you can start working on your invite list now! Don't forget, if a customer is holding a get together for you, print one of these off for them too.
How do I invite people?
You could use any of the following methods but it totally depends what you prefer.

  • Get together invitations
  • Facebook
  • Text message or phone call
  • Email

Most people will be really excited at the prospect of some time to share beauty tips and try out products so don't be afraid to invite people.

There are lots of different get together invitations available in the resources section to suit whatever kind of get together you want to hold.
Things to remember

  • Always invite a few more people than your target number of guests. For example, if you hope to have 8 guests, invite 10 people because not everyone will be able to make it.
  • You could ask people to bring a friend. It can help people feel more relaxed if they don't all know each other and can mean extra orders for you.
Where to have it
You could hold a get together at your own home or in the home of a customer. There are benefits to both options.
Your home

  • Invite customers to build relationships - make them feel valued
  • Invite customers to bring a friend - new customers for you!
  • You might feel more comfortable on your own turf, especially to start with

A cuctomer's home

  • They will invite their friends and family - more customers for you!
  • They do a lot of the hard work for you
But, remember, you must look after your host. Offer support and the right tools to a customer who is holding a get together for you. It is also a good idea to give them something in return e.g. a free gift or a discount from their next order.
Click here for a quick guide to what you should do if a customer is holding a get together for you in their home.
What do I need?
This depends on the type of get together you are holding. There's everything you might need in theresources section in terms of games, ideas of things to do at your party but see the checklist below

  • Variety of productsLetting people touch and try products is the essence of any get together no matter what style or size. If you don't have many products in stock then why not invest in a special pack to make sure you have great products to show people. See theresources section for details of the packs on offer.
  • BrochuresOnce they've bought one item, they are likely to buy more so make sure you have brochures on hand for them to browse and order forms to write down what they want.
  • Order forms
  • Drinks/nibbles (style depends on type of party)Everyone relaxes over a drink and something to eat whether it's a cup of coffee and a biscuit or a glass of wine and an indulgent pudding. You don't need to invest lots of time and money but the personal hospitable touch goes a long way.
  • SamplesSamples are great way to keep the guests thinking about Avon as they leave. They might try it, love it and add it straight to their order! Why not give them two and ask them to pass one to a friend? You might get an extra order.
Little things to remember
  • Tell everyone who has placed an order when you expect to deliver it
  • Swap contact details so you can keep in touch and continue to boost your orders in future
  • Why not put another sample in with the order to keep the customers excited and trying new products - there is a good chance they will go on to buy it next time!
  • Try out lots of products yourself before your party - if you can recommend with genuine experience, your guests will be more likely to buy

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