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Q and A’s about Avon Sales Leadership with Gail Reynolds

Posted: 10/31/11 Categories: Sales Leadership and MLM

[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nHJkVQHCgc] If you could ask me anything about MLM (Multi Level marketing) and Avon Sales Leadership, what would it be? Well today I have done just that and answered some questions for a sales leader in New Zeland. In the video I will be talking about Is there anything you  do and know now that wish you […]

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What! Over £10,000.00 in earnings with Avon for just 3 weeks work?

Posted: 10/27/11 Categories: Newsflash, Passive Income & Avon Earnings

What can I earn with Avon your ask? Let me share with your my Avon Earnings for the past 3 weeks work and add that together with the previous 3 weeks pay cheque too… I hope you will see that Working with Avon isn’t just pocket money and that Multi Level Marketing really does have […]

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MLM vs a Real Job

Posted: 10/26/11 Categories: Sales Leadership and MLM

I often have questions thrown at me that make me completely STOP in my business tracks & think for a moment before I answer. It has become a working hazzard and I take these questions very seriously. That was until I was confronted with this one… This question came from my dear darling brother. But […]

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Professional Social Networking Group

Posted: 03/2/11 Categories: Sales Leadership and MLM

Who would’nt want to join this group? This group is about those of you out there that want to learn more and share your ideas on Social Networking. The Face Book Phenomenon is continuing to rise so why not help it on it’s way by utilizing these type of resources to grow your Avon business. […]

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Taking the fear out of Cold Calling

Posted: 04/29/10 Categories: Sales Leadership and MLM

Cold calling made simple with Gail Reynolds ~ MLM and network marketing expert Taking the fear out of cold calling People that work within the Network marketing industry are often taught to approach their warm market 1st. That isn’t what I did when I started my MLM business, I couldn’t my family lived 150 miles […]

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