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Q and A’s about Avon Sales Leadership with Gail Reynolds

Written by Gail Reynolds on October 31, 2011


If you could ask me anything about MLM (Multi Level marketing) and Avon Sales Leadership, what would it be?

Well today I have done just that and answered some questions for a sales leader in New Zeland.

In the video I will be talking about

Is there anything you  do and know now that wish you knew back in 2002?

Sales, How do you ensure your Avon representatives place their Avon orders and make the sales?

Do you still teach your Avon Representatives to Door Knock or do you find it is phasing out?

Are you worried that you will run out of Avon Representatives and Avon Sales Leaders to recruit?

How important is the internet and Social Networking for you and your Avon business?

Have you ever thought of giving up Avon?

What makes you stay?

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