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What! Over £10,000.00 in earnings with Avon for just 3 weeks work?

Written by Gail Reynolds on October 27, 2011

What can I earn with Avon your ask?

Let me share with your my Avon Earnings for the past 3 weeks work and add that together with the previous 3 weeks pay cheque too...

I hope you will see that Working with Avon isn't just pocket money and that Multi Level Marketing really does have a place for the people in the world that want to become financially free and be their own boss!

This is what hard work, determination and vision has bought me and my family this week:

Campaign 16 Avon Pay

Campaign 16 Avon Pay

And...if you click on the image it will show my last 3 weeks pay too....

I earned Over £20,000.00 for 6 weeks work!  Phew...and it isn't even the Christmas campaigns yet!

Who thinks the Network Marketing Industry doesn't pay?

I would like to talk with you 🙂

One response to “What! Over £10,000.00 in earnings with Avon for just 3 weeks work?”

  1. Gail says:

    I just had to share this with you guys…
    OVER £20,000.00 in earnings as a sales leader for just 6 weeks work!
    In case you didn’t guess

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