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Avon Going for Gold achievers shopping spree

Posted: 08/28/12 Categories: Team GBR Achievements

This has to be one of the funnest things me and my family have done thanks to Avon. Going for Gold with Avon Top prize achievers Gail and Brian Reynolds walked away with £2250.00 worth of Love to Shop vouchers, and boy did they shop! Toys R Us super market sweep We started at Toys […]

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Avon LYD Recognition 2012 (Live Your Dream)

Posted: 08/28/12 Categories: Events, Team GBR Achievements

With over 900 Avon Sales leaders at the Event there was no doubt this was going to be a phenomenal event Going Live at Avon’s Live Your Dream Event 2012 August the 14th and 15th 2012 was probably one of the best events Avon have ever held.  The 14th of August was also my birthday and it […]

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Team GBR Sales leadership achievers in Campaign 13

Posted: 08/27/12 Categories: Team GBR Achievements

Avon Campaign 13 is always a slow one. Summer holidays with Avon As always the summer holidays can slow down everyone that buys from Avon, sells from Avon or recruits into Avon. But that certainly didn’t stop our latest achiever in Team GBR, Rebecca Adams. In Rebecca’s first 3 weeks with Avon and team GBR she […]

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Avon Incentive Winners 2010

Posted: 08/23/12 Categories: Events, Team GBR Achievements

Avon cosmetics Live Your Dream Event 2010 Gail Reynolds and Brian Reynolds picked up some amazing awards and recognition at the Event.  Including the video clip of Number 1 achievers for their Active Down Line Growth for Sales leaders.  Gail and Brian have helped people throughout the UK start up their very own Avon recruiting […]

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New Team GBR Sales leadership achievers

Posted: 08/7/12 Categories: Team GBR Achievements

Campaign 12 has bought in a cascade of Sales leadership achievers Congratulations to Avon Sales Leadership Achievers Avon sales leadership is all about building teams.  You become a self employed Independent Avon Representative first and then you can become a Team leader too. That is what our next level achievers have gone on to do […]

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Marsha Barras Avon Senior Executive Sales Leader

Posted: 08/7/12 Categories: Newsflash, Team GBR Achievements

Meet one of our top performing Avon Sales leaders in Team GBR Team GBR are very proud to have Marsha Barras become our very 1st Avon Senior Executive Sales Leader This level of Sales leadership isn’t done over night and neither is it done without some meticulous planning and hard work. Marsha Barras was not […]

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Avon Sales Leader Promotion

Posted: 07/13/12 Categories: Team GBR Achievements

We at Team GBR would like to offer our congratulations to Ginny Ward for achieving Advanced Sales Leadership level in her business From Sales leadership Level to Advanced Sales Leadership Level Working your way through the Avon Sales leadership compensation plan offers you huge rewards The Benefits of Avon’s BDB (Business Development Programme) An immediate Pay Rise from […]

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Avon car wrap and text

Posted: 07/2/12 Categories: Team GBR Achievements, The basics of Avon

Having your car wrapped or sign written is a crucial part of your branding Having been in the Avon business since 2002 I have found out just how important it is to have your vehicle as a rolling advertisement. I have also had many cars through my years in my Avon business and some of my […]

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Teresa Mallen Achieved Advanced Sales Leader Level with Avon

Posted: 06/1/12 Categories: Team GBR Achievements

Teresa.  We would like to give you a HUGE congratulations on achieving your Advanced Sales leader level You have worked really hard to achieve your status and wish you all the best for going for Executive level in 2012  

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Kylie Mitchell has achieved her Avon Sales Leader Level

Posted: 06/1/12 Categories: Team GBR Achievements

Avon Sales leadership results show you have achieved your Sales Leader Level in Campaign 9 2012 We would like to congratulate you on your achievemen Welcome to Team GBR  

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