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New Team GBR Sales leadership achievers

Written by Gail Reynolds on August 7, 2012

Campaign 12 has bought in a cascade of Sales leadership achievers

Congratulations to Avon Sales Leadership Achievers

Avon sales leadership is all about building teams.  You become a self employed Independent Avon Representative first and then you can become a Team leader too.

That is what our next level achievers have gone on to do within Team GBR

Trudy Barras has been with the team for Just 3 weeks and went from a Trainee Sales leader to a fully qualified Sales leader in her 1st campaign with Avon

Avon Men can achieve with Avon Sales Leadership

Richard Parsons has just proved it!  Richard has been with the team of 6 weeks and now has built a team of 6 Avon Representatives.

To become a qualified Avon Sales Leader you need to have 5 Avon representatives on your team all placing their collective customer orders over the value of £78.00 every 3 weeks.  The collective of order values plus Richards personal order ( which was a whopping £308.00) has to equate to £888.00 to achieve Sales leader status and receive commissions and bonuses up to £80.00.

Qualifying Avon Sales leader

Naomi King has achieve her level in great style!

Naomi recruited 8 brand new Avon Representatives into her team and all 8 were active in their 1st campaigns.

Naomi got a 100% activity from her team and together they placed order over £1300.00 smashing the £888.00 target.  Naomi will achieve ALL the Avon sales leadership bonuses on offer aswel as a great commission from her team sales and personal sales.


Avon team building is a great way to get yourself out of the rat race and become an Independent business owner.  Sales leadership is a simply concept and many MLM, Network Marketers and Direct Sellers have taken up this massive opportunity with the AVON- THE BIGGEST GLOBAL COSMETICS COMPANY EVER!

Want to see what Avon may have to offer you then simply ask me a question about the opportunity or


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