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Team GBR Sales leadership achievers in Campaign 13

Written by Gail Reynolds on August 27, 2012

Avon Campaign 13 is always a slow one.

Summer holidays with Avon

As always the summer holidays can slow down everyone that buys from Avon, sells from Avon or recruits into Avon.

But that certainly didn't stop our latest achiever in Team GBR, Rebecca Adams.

In Rebecca's first 3 weeks with Avon and team GBR she recruited 9 people into Avon which meant that Rebecca achieved All her bonuses and Avon commissions.

But this wasn't all, Rebecca also managed to have a 100% activity rate in her 1st Avon campaign as a Sales leader too, so we would like to congratulate Rebecca on here fantastic achievements so far.

To find out more about Rebecca and what she intends to do with her Avon sales leadership business, just take a look at her personal webpage and follow her on all the social media platforms.

Rebecca's Motto is; Reach for the stars



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