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Marsha Barras Avon Senior Executive Sales Leader

Written by Gail Reynolds on August 7, 2012

Meet one of our top performing Avon Sales leaders in Team GBR

Team GBR are very proud to have Marsha Barras become our very 1st Avon Senior Executive Sales Leader

This level of Sales leadership isn't done over night and neither is it done without some meticulous planning and hard work.

Marsha Barras was not only given the title in 2011 of becoming the Fastest sales leader to ever reach Executive Level, she may well have broken a record for reaching Senior Executive with training and supporting 2 Executive Sales leaders at the same time!

We at Team GBR would like to congratulate Marsha and her team of Avon representatives and Sales leaders for their achievements

The Avon annual Live Your Dream Event is just a few days away (August 14th 2012) and I am sure I will be back blogging about Marsha's team success at the event

The following amazing Sales leaders make up part of Marsha's team, and have achieved their Executive Sales leadership levels.

Achievers of Avon Executive Sales leader level are

Husband and wife team Wendy & Graham Turnbull

Wendy & Graham have been with Avon for exactly 2 years, and achieving such a HIGH level status is am amazing accomplishment.  They are in a partnership with Avon sales leadership & work their Avon business as a team.

Another amazing accomplishment of reaching executive Sales leadership level in just under 2 years is Wendy Nisbet

Not only have they all achieved some great results over their last 2 years within Avon, but they are ALL Avon Presidents Club members too.

Once again, here at Team GBR we would like to congratulate all of you on your efforts and your achievements, we are extremely proud to have you as part of the team.

If you would like to congratulate them on their efforts then simply leave a comment or feel free to ask a question...



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