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Avon LYD Recognition 2012 (Live Your Dream)

Written by Gail Reynolds on August 28, 2012

With over 900 Avon Sales leaders at the Event there was no doubt this was going to be a phenomenal event

Going Live at Avon's Live Your Dream Event 2012

August the 14th and 15th 2012 was probably one of the best events Avon have ever held.  The 14th of August was also my birthday and it proved to be one that will stay with me forever!

The event started with coffee and networking and then a 2 course dinner for all 900 of us!

By 1pm we were all ready to join Avon in the Gala Room for recognition, training and some fun.

Avon Vice President Mark Duncan, Angela Tucker Sales Director and Avon's President Scott Schlackman were fantastic hosts for the event

Avon's Top 20 Executive and Senior Executive Sales Leaders Trip to ROME

This was a nail biting moment for everyone in the room that was Executive level and above.  It is the most sought after accolade and incentive amongst the elite of Avon Sales Leaders.  It is always a nail biting experience to see who made it and who didn't and you cant imagine how it felt to have been the 20th name called out on the list!

That's me and Brian in the middle!  We are 1 of only 3 Sales Leaders that have ever achieved the Top 20 Trip every single year since it began 7 years ago.  And we are very proud to have achieved it once again.  Here is the award that is now sitting along side our other 6 in the awards cabinet.

Avon Sales Leadership Recognition  on Day 2

Avon recognition is always "Top Notch" and this years event didn't disappoint anyone.

It started with the TOP 40 Sales leaders in the UK for the Going for Gold Incentive.

Ginny Ward was one of the hard working sales leaders on Team GBR that picked up her award and shopping vouchers for being one of the TOP performers at Sales leader level.

Next was the Top performing Advanced Sales leaders that achieved the Going for Gold Incentive, and once again one of Team GBR Advanced Sales leaders Suzanne Chappell picked up her well deserved Incentive and award. 

Going for Gold with Avon

Following on were the TOP performing Executive Sales leaders in the room.  With just 10 prizes to give away is was an absolute pleasure to see yet another Team GBR sales leader make it on the stage.  Marsha Barras (Who has since gone on to achieve her Senior Executive Status) won 4th prize in the Going for Gold Incentive.

Avon Top 4 Senior Executive Sales Leaders Go for Gold

With over 6500 Sales Leaders throughout the UK the Top spot for the Going for Gold Senior Level was the Highest and most wanted prize of them all.  Having been ranked in the Top 4 throughout the Incentive and placed 4th in the previous campaign Brian and I were nervous and excited to see if all our hard work in Campaign 12 had paid of.  But we didn't have to wait too long before the results were being called out.

Top prize of £2250.00 worth of Love to Shop vouchers goes to......

Gail and Brian Reynolds......WOOO HOOO

 Click on the image below to take a look through our photos from past and present Live Your Dream Recognition

The Recognition didn't end there, with plenty more achievements being accomplished Avon continued to hand out awards and prizes to Top performing Sales Leaders.

Avon Drive Your Dream Incentive Car Programme

One of the ultimate incentives is Avon Drive your Dream Programme.  It rewards Sales leaders for their Multi-Level-Marketing Group sales.  With Millions of pounds having to be sold each year the Top Executive and Senior Executive sales leaders in the UK are rewarded with a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Level Car of their choice.  Each level has its own targets for Paid sales during Campaigns 1-18 each year.  This year (2012) Team GBR sold over £6 Million in group sales for the 3rd year running and we took home the keys to our beautiful Mercedes Benz care of Avon's drive your dream incentive.

With the keys to our Mercedes safely tucked away we are now ready to achieve another car for 2013.  The Mercedes was the "Silver Level" within the car Programme and we intend to "Go for Gold" in 2013.  Brian has his eye on the brand new BMW's and Audi's and we will have up to £35'000.00 to spend so watch this space, 2013 will be the road to Gold for the Reynolds' business.....



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