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2016 Avon achievements

Posted: 12/2/16 Categories: Newsflash, Passive Income & Avon Earnings

What a year we have had…. 2016 Avon Achievements We would like to share our 2016 Avon achievements with you. Our year always begins with a vision/dream board.  This is what it looked like in January 2016 There are 7 goals in my picture frame 6 1/2 of which we accomplished (December 1st 2016) Family […]

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Real Journeys with Real People earning Real money

Avon SL promotional leaflet front page

Real Journeys with Real People earning Real money Ever wanted to know exactly what Avon can offer you? No hidden agenda, no hype, no secrets? Well, we are very proud to share with you some of our fantastic teams stories and how they have worked their Avon Sales Leadership business around, jobs, families and other […]

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BBC News Do you deserve what you get paid?

bbc News Avon gail reynolds April 2016
Posted: 04/29/16 Categories: Newsflash, Passive Income & Avon Earnings

I have had the privileged to help turn around many peoples lives. I have been able to encourage, motivate and teach others that they can do ANYTHING they set their minds too.

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Avon Fast Start Programme

Avon Fast Start Programme
Posted: 01/26/16 Categories: Newsflash, Passive Income & Avon Earnings

Avon Fast Start Programme 2017 2017 is starting off with an almighty bang! And why wouldn’t you want to take part in the new exciting Sales Leadership Bonus Programme? It has been designed for many types of people and their personal positions in their work lives and home lives. So, whether you are an at […]

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Real Avon Earnings for Real People

Real Avon Earnings from Real Avon people

Wouldn’t you like to know exactly what Avon Representatives and Avon Sales Leaders really earn? Well, I have never been shy with sharing my story, my tips and my highs and lows in my Avon journey.  So I would like to share just one of the my personal Avon HIGHS! So I invite you to […]

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EVEN HIGHER Avon earnings to date in 1 campaign!

Avon Campaign 17 2014 earnings
Posted: 11/19/14 Categories: Newsflash, Passive Income & Avon Earnings

The last time I wrote a blog regarding how much we earnt believe it or not was only 10 days ago. We do not do this kind of blog regularly, and you might see that the last one before the last was written December 11th, 2013. November 2013 earnings: £13,023.64 December 2013 earnings: £13,057.92 Campaign […]

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Biggest Avon Earnings in 1 campaign SO FAR… £13k!

Posted: 12/11/13 Categories: Newsflash, Passive Income & Avon Earnings

From £7,000 a year to a grand total of…..£13,023.64 this campaign and we are so grateful to everyone in our team for helping us get there. We couldn’t do it without YOU.

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Avon earnings

How much do Avon representatives earn? Avon earnings chart One of the most popular questions we get asked is “How much can I earn with Avon?” Below you can find a simple chart that will answer that exact question for you. 5 simple rules to increase Avon Representative Earnings 1. Make sure you join the right team!, You are […]

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Sales leaders Incentive Dreams of Gold

Posted: 06/25/12 Categories: Team GBR & Avon Incentives

Avon Sales leaders Incentive Dreams of gold Avon UK have got the most amazing Sales Leadership Incentive this year! Every single sales leader in the UK that is attending the Live Your Dream Event will be in with a chance to achieve some specatacular incentives. The rules are laid out below and simple to folow.  and remember […]

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Avon’s Earning Opportunity Video

Posted: 06/20/12 Categories: Passive Income & Avon Earnings

What are the Avon Earnings Opportunities? Although these are women (and men) from the USA here in the UK we offer the same Business opportunity too. Avon Sales Leadeship has given me and my family the chance to live the luxurious lifestyle most people dream of. Coming from humble beginnings I cannot thanks Avon enough for my […]

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