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2016 Avon achievements

Written by Gail on December 2, 2016

What a year we have had....

2016 Avon Achievements

We would like to share our 2016 Avon achievements with you.

Our year always begins with a vision/dream board.  This is what it looked like in January 2016


There are 7 goals in my picture frame 6 1/2 of which we accomplished (December 1st 2016)

  1. Family time with relatives - included girly nights out, concerts,general fun and laughter
  2. Family holidays - All 5 of us went away and spent quality time together 
  3. Refurbishing our home - Walls knocked down, bathroom re-built, kitchen had a face lift, the drive was stoned, bedrooms and ensuites completed (for now)
  4. Training Guides - Completed for both Representatives and Sales Leaders & launched at our Golden Ticket Events in Feb and Sept 2016
  5. Achieved the Top 20 Sales Leadership trip to seville
  6. Lose weight, eat healthier - (part completed) continuing my journey
  7. 7 Advanced Leaders within our business - Accomplished in C17/C18 with 6 Advanced Sales Leaders and 1 Executive Sales Leader

To say we are pleased with our vision board achievements would be an understatement.  The reason for that is because of the avalanche of other achievements that came this year too!

For those that know Me and Brian you will know we are very focused very driven people.  Out of the 2 of us though I am the one that sets the goals and creates the vision and then together we work on HOW we are going to accomplish them.  This year has just been overwhelming with the amount of success we have had.

Now, for those that don't know us, I have been doing Avon since 2002 (Brian joined in 2004) and we are now working as a partnership.  This means we work twice as hard and twice as smart!

Gail and Brian Reynolds Avon sales leaders

So, what else have we managed to achieve this year in Avon?

Avon have a Presidents Club which are the top 10% of all Avon representatives in the country.  And I am very proud to say I have been a PC Member every year I have been with Avon.  However, this year I surpassed my own expectations!.  Through the PC Membership club there are several levels, Bronze, Bronze plus, Silver and Gold.... I have always been Bronze level and very proud of it too.  However this year, not only did I almost double my sales I am also now a proud PC Member at SILVER LEVEL!


I suppose I should share with you why and how we achieved it too?

Well, in Feb 2016 Avon introduced the Avon online store.  And wow! what a massive turnaround for the business.  Not only can Avon Representatives now sell to people all over the UK but the Avon customers can choose to pay and have their delivery whatever way they prefer!  It has revolutionised the Avon Representative business and enhanced the Avon customers experience!  And as a result I sold over £4000 MORE through my personalized Avon online store to people I have never met before, and I didn't have to spend a penny or lift a finger to deliver to them!  As a result of these changes, I managed to achieve Silver PC and I am truly thankful to all my customers for helping me achieve a goal I hadn't even planned!

To take this a little further into our business as Sales Leaders We would like to share our TEAMS results at PC Level with you too.

On our TOP LINE of Representatives we have…..

  • 45 BRONZE PC Members
  • 14 SILVER PC Members (including ourselves)
  • 1 GOLD PC Member
  • That’s 60 Top line Presidents Club members
  • A massive 25% increase on last year’s PC Members
  • Thats 60 Representatives at PC Level giving us a massive 14% of our team achieving

We are so excited to hear that there are changes ahead within PC Membership next year (2017), and we just can't wait to see what we can do to continue our success as a team of PC Members (we will keep you posted on the new changes).

Chief Executive Sales Leaders

In my vision/dream board above you will see we had a BIG GOLD 7 in the middle of it.

This represented 7 Advanced Sales Leaders and above on our Top Line of Sales Leaders.  Achieving this means a title change to Chief Executive Sales Leaders of which there is only 1 other person at this level in the UK.  Until Campaign 17 2016! When we achieved it too.  Putting us in the Avon league tables at number 2 in the entire country!


6 Advanced Leaders

1 Executive Leader

chief-executive-level-number-2-in-ukEcstatic with the results we didn't think we could accomplish much more..... But, there has been so much more.

Brian and I also achieved our 3rd Car with Avon this year too!.  Yes our 3rd car, which we own and don't have to give back to Avon if we were to ever leave (that'll never happen) but just thought I would clarify that misconception 🙂 And here is my beautiful BMW 5 series luxury edition


And to top it off, Brian decided to sell his Avon Audi Q5 and replaced it with a beautiful Range Rover


They now sit proudly (on our new stoned drive) alongside my 1st ever car achieved from Avon the mercedes 220 that our daughter Libby now owns


So, what else could be possibly have achieved this year?

Avon Champions Club

Now this is an incentive Avon set for all Sales Leaders, and we always love a challenge!

Take a look at what it's all about;




With everything that's on the table and all the rewards on offer we decided as a Team we were going to promote it and go for it ourselves!

So having 4 campaigns to complete the incentive, we set about recruiting new team members into our top line.  And, with the results in for C18 already we can announce we have achieved Champion level!avon-champions-club

We are so excited to show you and our team that it can be done, no matter how long you have been doing Avon as a Sales Leader.  It's about rolling up your sleeves and getting down to it.  And to be honest with all those things on offer when you reach the different levels it was a no brainer we were going to go for it!

So, here we are in December 2016, we have our results for the last campaign of the year C18 (although we still get C1 payday before christmas woopwoop).  Campaign 18 is Avon's TOP selling campaign of the year.  It is what everyone works towards and it is the campaign that reflects an entire year of hard work, team building, training, mentoring and coaching.  It kind of proves that you are moving in the right direction (or not) in some cases.  2016 has been an exceptional year for us as a team.  With everything we have achieved above it just puts the icing on the cake with the cherry on the top.  Because after 14 years of building a team and continuing to support and encourage others to do as we do, and simply duplicate our success we have SMASHED some of our own records.  This campaign we earned.....


For 3 weeks work


A total year to date earnings of £192,46.86

And to think, when I first joined Avon I earned little more than a fiver in my first campaign!

Now, we are not sharing this with you to gloat or show off.  Personally I would never have believed you if you would have told me 14 years ago in November 2002 that if I just continue my journey, and find a few more customers, then find a few more people to join my team that I would be writing such a thing! Driving posh cars, going on luxury holidays, and living in our dream home are some of our amazing achievements but this just blows me away.  After 14 years as a family run business we are still growing, we are still offering the same opportunity we have with Avon to anyone wanting to achieve their dreams, their goals, their aspirations.  It just gives me goose bumps thinking about the next person that comes along with the determination and focus to make things happen for them the way it has happened for us.

Along with this RECORD BREAKING pay cheque we also had a RECORD BREAKING group sales figure....

Our team sold over


In just 3 weeks!over-half-a-million-group-sales-c18-2016

We are so so proud of what our team have accomplished.  From PC members to Sales Leaders, without them working on their goals and dreams and growing their own Avon business we wouldn't be where we are today.  We would like to thank everyone we know that has been supportive of us, and been there for us when we needed an ear to bend and someone to confide in.  We hope that our journey inspires others to do the same as we do.

"Find an opportunity

Make it your own

And NEVER give up on your dreams"

Changing lives and exceeding expectations

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