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Sales leaders Incentive Dreams of Gold

Written by Gail Reynolds on June 25, 2012

Avon Sales leaders Incentive Dreams of gold

Avon UK have got the most amazing Sales Leadership Incentive this year!

Every single sales leader in the UK that is attending the Live Your Dream Event will be in with a chance to achieve some specatacular incentives.

The rules are laid out below and simple to folow.  and remember this is ALL on top of what you are already earning as an Independent sales leader.

  • Increase the number of orders in your first generation.
  • Score one point for every extra order you have over the previous campaign.
  • Lose one point for each order reduction versus the previous campaign.
  • Appoint down line Sales Leaders and help them become active (i.e. when they are paid commission as a Sales Leader) within the period of the incentive.
  • Score five points for every down line Sales Leader that becomes active.
  • Lose five points for an active down line who becomes non-qualifying.
  • Score one point for each LOA 1 - 3 order over Minimum Order Value (MOV) of £78 per campaign.
  • Promote yourself! If you achieve the next level of commission status above your current level during the incentive you will receive five bonus points. Senior
  • Executive Sales Leaders score five points for maintaining their commission status across C10 - C12 2012.
  • Lose five points for dropping commission status below your current level.

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