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Real Avon Earnings for Real People

Written by Gail Reynolds on October 27, 2015

Wouldn't you like to know exactly what Avon Representatives and Avon Sales Leaders really earn?

Well, I have never been shy with sharing my story, my tips and my highs and lows in my Avon journey.  So I would like to share just one of the my personal Avon HIGHS!

So I invite you to take a look at our

Real Avon Earnings for Real Avon people

Real Avon Earnings from Real Avon people

Real Avon Earnings from Real Avon people

This is a true copy of our Avon income for just 3 weeks work!

No Gimmicks, no tricks and nothing hidden.  We earned £12,124.83 for just 3 weeks Avon work.  Yes, it has taken us 13 years of hard work and dedicated motivation to earn this amazing amount of money.  But, its been the best ride of our lives!.  Talk about a roller coaster!

Some of you may think of me as 'bragging', but those truly ready to know the truth about Avon, and MLM will know this blog is for the people that truly believe it can work for them.  And if someone like me can make this amount of money with Avon then there is no good reason why they can't do it too.  So, those that doubt, point fingers or speculate at whether or not you can earn money with Avon then here is the truth.

I hope to Inspire, motivate and encourage those that have the insight to Avon's Earning opportunity and can see the truth behind what can be achieved if you work hard, smart and consistently.  It isn't bragging, it is simply sharing the truth, showing that there is a massive earnings opportunity with Avon and that normal women like me with a family can achieve exactly what they want form this business.

If this blog motivates, encourages of incentives just one person then it has done it's job.  This really is about Real Avon Earnings for Real People like you and me!

Changing lives and exceeding expectations

As a team we are constantly looking for new entrepreneurs, business minded people and anyone that would like to simply make a change in their lives and become their own boss.  SO, if you have seen, read or heard anything you like here simply click here, we can't wait to have you as our next new Avon STAR!

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