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BBC News Do you deserve what you get paid?

Written by Gail Reynolds on April 29, 2016

"Do you deserve what you get paid?"

When I was asked this by the BBC reporter Alex Morrison I felt a little uneasy answering it.  However, when I thought about the long hours, sleepless nights and the children's plays and school sports days I had missed I began to realise I did deserve my income.  Not only that, after 14 years ( I've been with Avon since 2002) I have had the privileged to help turn around many peoples lives.  I have been able to encourage, motivate and teach others that they can do ANYTHING they set their minds too.  Not only becoming a success in Avon, but other things in their lives too.

Be kind work hard

Since joining Avon in 2002 I have not only built a very successful business with Avon I have become an award winning author and have shared my story and knowledge with thousands of women (and men) in the UK and across the world.  I coach, mentor and train others that want to make things better for themselves and their families.  And I love that I can be a small part in their journey, and that is something money can't buy!

BBC News Do you deserve what you get paid?


How do people justify earning more than others

bbc News Avon gail reynolds April 2016

Gail Reynolds Avon lady

So, in answer to the BBC Reporters question, "Yes" I believe I deserve what I get paid.  Because with my pay comes a great responsibility, to be able to touch other peoples lives and help make their dreams become a reality like mine is invaluable.  It has taken years and years of hard work, gut determination and ignoring others that told me I would fail and it wasn't worth it, or my favourite line was.. "Why don't you get a real job?". Well, why would I want to be like the rest of the population that literally HATE their jobs, hate getting up in the mornings and are as miserable as sin?.  No thanks, I think I am happier staying in a job I love and deserve what I get paid in.  Changing other peoples lives is an amazing feeling and you certainly cannot put a price on that!  

Gail Reynolds

Changing lives and exceeding expectations



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