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Avon Ordering Tips

Posted: 10/22/21 Categories: The basics of Avon

Ordering TIPS Avon have modernised and changed a lot in the past year or so.  Monthly not 3 weekly.  Order any day not wait for the special day!  And we used to be able to order from last campaign brochure as well as this, that meant we could find the best price for our customers […]

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Sharing Your Digital Brochure

Posted: 11/10/20 Categories: New To Avon, The basics of Avon

And congratulations on Joining Avon and starting your new Avon business. Here at GailsReps we want to show you the Digital Brochure, how you get it and how to share it to help you gain BIG sales and therefore a a BIG income from today. The Digital Brochure. Looks like this on a phone Looks like […]

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Avon Mark Epic Lipstick – See the advert

Eoic Lipstick
Posted: 02/22/18 Categories: Avon Products and Party Plan

Wow… that’s all we need to say ! Avon Mark Epic Lipstick adverts are on TV from today .  This lipstick is going to outsell all others.  It looks great it feels great and its sensibly priced at £5.50.  It has the same great quality ingredients as the premium manufacturers but compare that price  – […]

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Avon Sales Leadership and the Magic Numbers Bonus

Posted: 05/14/15 Categories: The basics of Avon

Another great reason to be an Avon Sales leader is the Magic Numbers Bonus 2015 By performing your role as an Avon Sales Leader and growing your team, look at the bonuses you can achieve. Avon Sales Leadership and the Magic Numbers Bonus ends in campaign 10 and is paid out in campaign 11 2015 Campaign […]

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Avon Jobs in County Durham

Anyone can join Avon and earn an extra income, so long as you are over 18. Both men and women are making a great success of their own independent Avon businesses If you live in County Durham, including Durham, Consett, Seaham, Chester-le-Street and Bishop Auckland then Marsha Barras will come and coach you personally and develop you and your Avon business. […]

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Avon in Bath & Trowbridge

Posted: 08/22/13 Categories: Sales Leadership and MLM

Rebecca Adams has joined the Gailsreps  team in campaign 13 2012 and is off to a flying start. Avon Customers spent over £300 in her first campaign and on top of that Rebecca has shown 13 other new Avon representatives how to earn their own extra income. That’s worth a big round of applause, from us […]

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POB Avon Personal Online Brochure – How to use your Avon Virtual Brochure

You can now send people your very own Avon vBrochure (virtual brochure) via a personal link. Avon vBrochure is now available Gail’s Golden Rules On using your Avon Virtual Brochure (POB) Avon Virtual Brochure (POB) is now available Avon customers can view their Avon brochure online; they can browse it, save items to their basket […]

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How much can I earn with Avon – My Avon earnings

Posted: 10/31/11 Categories: Passive Income & Avon Earnings, The basics of Avon

You can earn as much as you like.  Unlimited potential. As an Avon Representative you earn a ‘commission’ on your sales, sometimes called a ‘discount’. The more brochures you get out = the more sales you get in = the more you earn. You pass your Avon brochures out to people, collect them up again […]

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The AVON MAN – is he real?

Posted: 05/10/11 Categories: Sales Leadership and MLM

Whats happening in the world today where men are dropping the conventional job role and joining the ranks of AVON as AVON MEN to earn their living along alongside all those ladies already in it?  Was there some sort of secret that has taken time for the fellas to spot and the AVON MAN to appear?  […]

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