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The AVON MAN – is he real?

Written by Brian on May 10, 2011

Whats happening in the world today where men are dropping the conventional job role and joining the ranks of AVON as AVON MEN to earn their living along alongside all those ladies already in it?  Was there some sort of secret that has taken time for the fellas to spot and the AVON MAN to appear?  Is it possible that the ladies were intentionally holding back on us?  Well the cat is truly out of the bag now !

AVON is a business opportunity for anyone.  The business model has been kept so simple that the chances of succeeding are great, in fact if you are a worker, enjoy keeping busy then you can build and build on a bigger income month by month.  Yes - a pay rise every pay day!

125 years of AVON

You see its all because AVON has a history, 125yrs of it, and its all good news resulting in a trusted brand that is synonymous with quality and affordability.  Just ask your wife if she knows what AVON is, she will and if you ask her if she would like to see a brochure you will get a fast reply.  That's step 1 of the ease of business.  Just ask people if they would like to see an Avon brochure, no need to have to explain what Avon is or what is in the brochure, meaning you can ask a lot of people in a short time.  Your goal would be to build a customer base to a figure that suits you and the best bit is that they are repeat customers, they will want the next brochure for sure, in fact they will be disappointed if you forgot.  You will earn 25% for your order that goes to Avon if over £148, less for less, but lets be honest we wont stay doing it for less so we don't need to go into that.

So it is quite an easy task to offer the Avon brochure, but can a man, an AVON MAN earn enough from that?  well probably not, so what is it that brings AVON to the mans attention?

It is the business model called SALES LEADERSHIP and what happens is that as well as you doing your sales, you also teach others how to sell and in return AVON pay you a commission on those sales.  Do you want 100% off your own efforts only or 1% of 100 others efforts?  Well because its a bit more than 1% I want the others to sell and i earn from that please.  The % commissions do vary right up to 12%, you would get bored if I tried to explain the commission plan now so if i just say that after 8 years of hard work I (well me and the wife) have an AVON income of £150k+ pa.

How has that happened, such an income from AVON can be hard to believe but it is true, trust me.  It has happened because of the fantastic support provided to everyone from AVON and their personnel including the independent Sales Leaders that operate in the field.  There is online coaching and development as well as organised training sessions and conferences where you are also rewarded through recognition and prizes!  We have earned many, trips to Berlin, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Majorca, New York and even have a Mercedes car that Avon provide all on top of the £150k income too.

The AVON name is trusted.  customers have a 90 day money back promise, no questions asked, that gives peace of mind to the independent representative too as the will never be out of pocket for unsold orders or products that the customer simply changed their mind on.  Returns go back to AVON free of charge too, everyone's a winner.

AVON MEN range of products

I am an AVON MAN, my name is Brian Reynolds, I love it and i know many more fellas that do too.  I love all that AVON stands for, Avon is not a greedy company it is a giving company, giving us all the opportunity to earn a very good living gaining independence, financial independence, and getting out of the rat race.  AVON support Breast Cancer Crusade donating millions, and the Speak out against domestic violence campaign.  All I must do is give back too, a little like the movie Pay it forward, I must keep offering this wonderful opportunity to everyone and all.

So whether you are male or female, if you would like to work and earn contact us asap.  HERE

Avon man Brian Reynolds

Gail & Brian Reynolds Avon Man Monte Carlo

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