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Avon Ordering Tips

Written by Brian on October 22, 2021

Ordering TIPS

Avon have modernised and changed a lot in the past year or so.  Monthly not 3 weekly.  Order any day not wait for the special day!  And we used to be able to order from last campaign brochure as well as this, that meant we could find the best price for our customers to save them money or earn us a little extra.

Here is how to achieve still achieve those benefits in the new monthly campaigns.

The New way to BACK ORDER with Avon.

Juggling 2 months of brochures to earn more £££ for you.

On the 1st of the month order next month’s brochures, this also gets you this month’s bonus brochure.

On Week 2 they arrive and start using next month’s brochure with this month’s bonus brochure. (Separate order form in each)

Week 3 start collecting in your orders, place orders for this month’s bonus brochure, but still getting both out for more orders in.

Week 4, you now have all your orders from NEXT months brochure with a choice now to…
1. Check this month’s brochure for price differences V next months.
2. Items that are cheaper this month, order now.
3. Items that are better ordered next month – do so on Day 1 – along with NEXT months brochures again to repeat.

You cannot order in the new month with any old orders, - so working ahead rather than behind is much better.
You can order on any day, but still wait till you have an amount worth ordering and use your FREE delivery allowances.

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