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Sharing Your Digital Brochure

Written by Brian on November 10, 2020

Welcome to GailsReps

And congratulations on Joining Avon and starting your new Avon business.

Here at GailsReps we want to show you the Digital Brochure, how you get it and how to share it to help you gain BIG sales and therefore a a BIG income from today.

The Digital Brochure.

Looks like this on a phone

Digital brochure

Looks like this on a computer

Digital brochure

You will see on the computer image there is a web link for the brochure. Its that link you will be sharing in emails, texts, messaging and over social media. We will show you how...

On your phone, go to your App Store.

Search and Download "Avon On"

Select the market as "United Kingdom" and Log in with your Avon account number / password. This is what you will see

Avon On training

You can use this app to "Place an Order" into your usual Rep account area, but lets continue with learning how to share the digital brochure - click the brochure. You will see this

Avon On training

Click the "share" icon - and you see this screen...

Avon On training

You can now share directly to your friends, family and customers using other messenger apps or copy the URL / Web link and paste it yourself anywhere

Tip. I use bitly.com to shorten mine for ease and eye appeal, like this https://bit.ly/2020AvonC15

Your customers will browse it, shop, and when they go to the check out they have the option to send their order to you, or pay and have Avon deliver.

So share it to everyone, or place it in adverts, those that know you will ask if you will deliver, and those that don't will select Direct Delivery from Avon anyway. The money you earn from sharing your digital brochure goes into your Representative account and if that account is now in credit, meaning Avon owe you, they will pay it into your bank account weekly.

Tip. Avon have a way to help you share your brochure on social media, a guide is in the Avon On App and it works from the Avon On app too. It is very clever as it will design and schedule your posts for the week into facebook + twitter etc saving you a lot of time. Its the best way to be sharing your link to hundreds and thousands of people.

Digital Brochure training

We wish you luck with your brand new Avon business and if you would like to ask any questions about 'My Avon Store' feel free to comment below.

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