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POB Avon Personal Online Brochure – How to use your Avon Virtual Brochure

Written by Brian on July 10, 2012

You can now send people your very own Avon vBrochure (virtual brochure) via a personal link.

Avon vBrochure is now available

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On using your Avon Virtual Brochure (POB)

Avon Virtual Brochure (POB) is now available

Avon customers can view their Avon brochure online; they can browse it, save items to their basket and then email their finished order direct to you!

I used it and gained 5 brand new customers in 10 days and sold an extra £139.00 in orders (that is on top of my regular Avon customers that receive a brochure in their hand!) Just imagine all the people on your Face Book profile and twitter page that would love to see a brochure.  Some of your regular customers may even prefer their brochure electronically, saves paper – helps the environment too.


5 steps to success with your Avon Virtual Brochure

1. Login to your Avon Representative Account and look for your Personal Online Brochure (POB)


Click her image and scroll down the page

2. Look for your Unique Online Brochure URL

3. Copy and paste the URL into your internet browser address bar to see your very own V Brochure

4. Now you can see how your Avon customers will view and send an Avon order direct to you without you leaving your home.  Now it’s time to email out your personal link.

5. Remember to copy and paste your Unique Online Brochure URL to your Face Book and other social media platforms for more Avon orders.

Receiving your  POB orders

When you receive an order through your POB you will receive an email. You will be directed to view the order so simply follow the link provided. Once you are logged in go to the bottom of the home page. Here you will see you have a pending POB order, so you need to click the link. You now have an opportunity to accept or reject the order.

Before you do accept it click on the customers details to check they are within a distance you are happy to

deliver to.  If the customer is simply too far away to deliver by hand, you can either reject or offer to send it in the post.  (have payment upfront for postal orders)  Rejecting the order moves it on to a closer representative.

Accepting the order automatically inputs it into your online order, you do not need to type in the product codes.

We recommend you print or hand write the order onto a regular order form so that when you receive the bulk delivery you can bag up the order as normal and staple the order form to the bag.

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