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Gail and Brian Reynolds Avon in the press!

Gail and Brian Reynolds Avon

Hello! If you have been following me on Facebook, you would have noticed a lot of excitement in the past couple of weeks regarding articles she has featured in along side her family in the press, from newspapers, to TV appearances and radio intereviews. First major headline, in The Mirror: Avon lady made-up as she […]

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Avon Insight magazine Issue 4 2014

Avon Insight magazine issue 4 2014 cover
Posted: 12/11/14 Categories: Newsflash, Sales Leadership and MLM

This is our fourth quarter Avon Insight magazine, exclusively for Avon Sales Leaders. The Avon Insight magazine is designed to show you the new top Avon projects, recognition and incentives, and also it includes helpful tips to help you grow your Avon business. (click here for Avon Insight magazine issue 3 2014 if you missed […]

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Avon Personal Recruitment Page PRP

Avon personal recruitment page
Posted: 10/3/14 Categories: Sales Leadership and MLM

Setting up your Avon Personal Recruitment Page The Personal Recruitment Page ( PRP ) is a web based page designed by Avon to provide a way for Sales Leaders to advertise their business online, if you haven’t set yours up already then click here. It’s simple and easy to set up, plus the benefits are […]

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Avon Insight Magazine for Leaders issue 3 2014

Posted: 09/26/14 Categories: Sales Leadership and MLM

The quarterly magazine for Avon Leaders Do  you ever wonder what it is like for Sales Leaders within the Avon family? Well, here is your inside exclusive…Our quarterly Avon Insight magazine was created for Avon Leaders. So, what’s inside?…. Take a look at our exciting content Avon Winter Wonderland Chip and PIN with Elavon Avon […]

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Momentum in business

Building a business is like riding a bike
Posted: 03/12/14 Categories: Newsflash, Sales Leadership and MLM

Building up a momentum within your business can mean the difference between success and failure. What momentum does your business have and what can you do to speed it up.

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Avon Pay Plan 2014

Gails Avon Advanced Leadership image

Avon’s new Pay Plan went live in 2014 – Avon Pay Plan just got BIGGER and better.

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Avon Insight Magazine link

Posted: 10/3/13 Categories: Newsflash, Sales Leadership and MLM

Top 20 Trip 2013 – 2014

Some of you may be wondering how you can win a plane ticket to the Algarve in 2014. This incentive runs from Campaign 13 2013 to Campaign 12 2014 (Trendsetters Campaign 15 2013 to Campaign 14 2014) and will be measured using the criteria below with the three elements weighted on a 50:25:25 basis.

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Avon BDB and Sales Leadership Compensation Plan

Joining Avon and joining as a Sales Leader has never been easier and more profitable. Below is the Avon BDB and Compensation plan for anyone to take a look at and see if it is right for them. Trainee Sales Leader to Advanced Sales Leader Level       Executive Sales Leader to Senior Executive […]

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Avon Opportunity DVD

Avon Sales Leadership DVD Watch the brand new Avon Opportunity video including Gail and Brian Reynolds talking about their Avon success story. The video includes 7 sections: Part 1: Introduction 0:22 Part 2: Real people, real stories, real success 2:20 Part 3: Simple journey 6:27 Part 4: What’s in it for you? 9:11 Part 5: […]

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Avon Jobs in County Durham

Anyone can join Avon and earn an extra income, so long as you are over 18. Both men and women are making a great success of their own independent Avon businesses If you live in County Durham, including Durham, Consett, Seaham, Chester-le-Street and Bishop Auckland then Marsha Barras will come and coach you personally and develop you and your Avon business. […]

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