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Avon Pay Plan 2014

Written by Gail Reynolds on February 25, 2014

Great News...Avon Pay Plan went live in 2014

Avon Pay Plan just got BIGGER and better

What are the new Avon Pay Plan levels?

There are 4 Levels within the new Avon Pay Plan.  All are simple steps towards the next and available for everyone to reach and achieve.  It stars with Coordinator level and then goes through to the top VIP Levels.

  • Co-ordinator
  • Leader
  • Executive Leader
  • VIP

Each level is about your Group Sales, when they grow your income grows, it's that simple.

Each Level give you the opportunity to work through the Avon Pay Plan in bite size chunks.  No short cuts, no easy way around it, just build a team that produce sales.

Coordinator Levels


Advanced Coordinator

Senior Coordinator

Avon Coordinator Level Pay Plan

Avon Coordinator Level Pay Plan

Leader Levels


Advanced Leader

Senior Leader

Avon Leader Level Pay Plan

Avon Leader Level Pay Plan

Executive Leader Levels

Executive Leader

Advanced Executive Leader

Senior Executive Leader

Chief Executive Leader

Avon Executive Level Pay Plan

Avon Executive Level Pay Plan

VIP Levels

VIP Ambassador

VIP Senior Ambassador


Avon VIP Level Pay Plan

Avon VIP Level Pay Plan

So, what are you waiting for?

Never in the history of Avon Leadership has there been such an amazing Compensation Plan.  Be part of something big and join Avon today to make a better tomorrow!

Stop....There's more!

Yes, lots more!

Along with the 12 different titles you can achieve more money in bonuses too.  It really is a simple pay plan, you grow your Group Sales each campaign and you earn a bonus ( up to £4000).  When you recruit team members that go on to place their 2nd orders you achieve a £25.00 bonus for each 2nd order placed (up to £1000) .

Advanced Leadership Bonus

Avon bonuses Pay Plan

Avon Bonus Pay Plan

New Sales Leaders build their team

Established Sales Leaders continue to grow their team and their earnings


We can't wait to have you on the team simply contact us here

Gail xx

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